Jonathan Betz

Fractional Engineering Leader

I am a software engineering leader with 21 years of experience with a focus on building and leading high-talent engineering teams

I have worked in areas including open research problems, large-scale production applications, and rapid application prototyping. I am deeply passionate about two things: building innovative software that delights users, and building fantastic engineering teams.

Specialties: Leadership: Scalable software engineering, engineering leadership, team building and development, coaching, engineering training

Technical: information extraction, information retrieval, reporting and analytics, scalability, software-as-a-service (SaaS)

Application domains: web search, search engine marketing (SEM), online advertising

Jonathan Betz


  • Senior Engineering Manager, Misinformation and Disinformation

    Senior Engineering Manager, Misinformation and Disinformation

    Led cross-functional (software, UX, policy, etc) efforts preventing the spread of [m|d]isinformation on all Google products, as well as on the broader web.

    * Developing new human evaluation methodologies to reliably identify misinformation

    * Designing novel web document and web site signals to quantify the risk of misinformation

    * Prototyping and testing user interfaces to help search users recognize misinformation


  • Facebook


    Senior Engineering Manager

    Apr 2020 - Nov 2022

    2022: Engineering lead for Facebook News relevance, ranking, and recommendations. Supported 35 ML and infrastructure SWEs responsible for the overall relevance of stories and articles from news publications presented to Facebook users. As Facebook moved to end-of-life products focused on news, this team shifted focus to similar technical challenges related to Creator content on Facebook.

  • Flatiron Health

    Flatiron Health

    Senior Director Of Engineering

    Sep 2019 - Mar 2020

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