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  • Daniel Gerow profile image
    Daniel Gerow
    1. Social Inclusion
    2. Cloud Computing
    3. ITIL
    4. Project Portfolio Management
    5. Strategic Planning
    Cloud Executive | Empathetic Mentor | Technology Leader
  • Ye Wang profile image
    Ye Wang
    1. Engineering Change Management
    2. Python (Programming Language)
    3. Amazon Web Services (AWS)
    4. Node.js
    5. ECommerce
    Former Co-Founder & CTO at Cedar Systems, early engineer at Maven, former VP of Engineering at Agilis Commerce
  • Steve Mushero profile image
    Steve Mushero
    1. Infrastructure
    2. Fractional CTO
    3. Advisor
    4. Team Building
    5. Cloud Computing
    Experienced CTO, Founder & CEO