I no longer sell dreams. I help people live their dream

I no longer sell dreams. I help people live their dream

I no longer sell dreams. I help people live their own dream. How I went from recruiting employees to helping people Go Fractional

When you are recruiting for a company, you are selling the dream of that company’s potential growth and culture. Over my past 15 years of working in startups, I’ve done hundreds of interviews where I sell candidates on exponential equity growth and a culture that makes them excited to show up to work every day. I’ve been lucky enough that this dream has come true a couple of times in my career and allowed me to speak from experience.

I wish everyone could be lucky, but most of the time equity turns into a pipe dream, and culture starts to wither as the runway gets shorter, and budgets for culture and employee happiness dissipate.

The lucky survivors

There are employees who have become multi-millionaires through acquisition, IPO, or getting approval to sell on secondary markets. This is the exception, not the norm. We easily believe the dream due to survivorship bias. You rarely hear about failed companies. These days I can’t honestly sell someone on going full-time at a specific company.

If you’re joining a company full-time, make sure it ticks every box: founders that have had multiple successful exits, a vision that you’re obsessed with, at least 18 months of runway, and a talented team that you’ll enjoy spending at least 50 hours a week working with for the next several years.

I no longer sell dreams. I help people live their own dream.

Investing in yourself

I unlock opportunities for people to bet on themselves. I encourage incredibly talented people to work fractionally at companies that need them. The equity that they’d normally receive for joining full-time is returned as the time to invest in themselves. This extra time can be invested in so many ways: spending more time with family, working with multiple clients to get extra cash, and my favorite, bootstrapping a new company.

“The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you'll earn.” ~ Warren Buffet

Companies shut down because they run out of money, not because they are bad ideas. If you can extend the time it takes to bring your vision to life, you can increase your chances of success. Bootstrapping companies while you don’t have to worry about personal runway is a secret superpower. Your company will be naturally lean, and you won’t hire anyone until it is clear you need them and there is a budget. As long as you keep working on a product, you will become successful. It will take several pivots and lessons, but having built-in runway to learn those lessons and continue to iterate will eventually lead you to product-market fit.

Fractional is the new way of working

At Go Fractional, we have worked with some fantastic people. We have had members who have worked fractionally, built an MVP, then raised capital. Other members have bootstrapped companies while working fractionally and now have a product making over 10k a month after working fractionally for 6 months. We even have had some members who have found companies that have checked every box for them and have joined them full-time.

If you’ve been a startup leader and want to invest in yourself, apply to be a member.

Recruiting very talented people is hard. I’ve spent months filling roles. With Go Fractional, you can have the most talented people you have ever worked with start next week.

Explore our members and request to connect and see how quickly your company can level up.

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