Introducing Go Fractional

Introducing Go Fractional

A choice to work with the best

Go Fractional is a choice to work with the best. For talented consultants, it's a choice to work with who they want, when they want, on a part time basis with great companies. For clients, it's a choice to work with those that have done it before and can level up their team, without the expense of bringing them on full time avoiding costly benefits and stock options.

Over the past two years, we've been pairing extraordinary engineering and operating talent within scaling companies. We've learned what both sides of the market need and have worked tirelessly to reduce the friction in getting started. We’ve wanted to create a home for the best fractional talent to be discovered and a community of other members to lean on. That's why we're proud to introduce you to Go Fractional and match our remarkable talent with equally impressive clients.

Go Fractional is more than a name it’s a choice

Talent chooses to work with the best companies. They have skills across engineering, operating, marketing, sales, product, design, and more and understand that they could probably work anywhere, create their own company, or even prioritize other things outside of work. This makes the choice to be on Go Fractional an easy one - get incredible companies who demand the best, to work with them on a fractional basis. They control their time, who they work with, their own monthly rates, and can work across industries, sectors, stages, and more.

Clients choose to work with those who can solve their problems now because they understand that hiring full time executives, providing benefits, and issuing stock is overhead and headaches they don’t need. They choose to bring someone on next week instead of next quarter. They choose to bring on someone who is mature enough to manage themselves to the deliverables agreed upon, at the speed they need, and contribute meaningful work.

The choice to invest in yourself has the highest ROI. Our talented fractional executives have chosen to bet on themselves, and leverage their experience towards their next professional chapter. By leveraging the Go Fractional network they get a community of like minded consultants, a platform to handle proposals, legal documents, and payments, and a place to share their skills and expertise with incredible clients looking for consultants.

“The best investment you can make, is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you'll earn.” ~ Warren Buffet

This ROI extends to our clients, who benefit from bringing on the best into their existing teams. This means combining full time leaders with part time fractional talent. This pairing puts the teams they have today with the experts that can help them grow tomorrow. Our best clients want to work with talent that can solve their problems now, see around corners, and avoid mistakes.. They don’t want to hire a recruiter, interview for 3 months, and risk the organ rejection of a C level executive that doesn’t workout.

You’re already working with Fractional talent

The best companies are already working with fractional talent and may not even know it. Their investors, advisors, and BOD members are splitting their time across portfolio companies, founders, and teams today. Their expertise and guidance is leaned on because of the context they see across companies.

Extending this thinking to fractional executives is no different. The benefits of bringing someone on who has scaled up at a company, shipped a similar project, or been in your shoes as a founder provides incredible leverage.

For the past two years we have been pairing incredible engineering and operating talent inside scaling companies. We have learned what both sides of the market are looking for and reduce the friction to getting started. That is why we are proud to introduce you to Go Fractional and match our incredible talent with incredible clients.

Expand your Fractional Talent

If you have a project that needs extra firepower, a product that needs to be shipped faster, or an initiative that could benefit from someone that has done it before, there is now a choice to be made; is it time to Go Fractional?

The choice to join Go Fractional for talent is straightforward: they are prepared to devote their time and energy as consultants to companies that value their part-time contributions. For clients, the choice is clear: we handpick the best and brightest fractional executives, who have already achieved what you need and place them in teams and organizations where their consulting services are required.

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