Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA) Template

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA) Template

Free in Notion and Google Docs for Freelancers and Consultants

When thinking about connecting with a consultant or freelancer, protecting your private company information is paramount.  That is why we are releasing a free MNDA (Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement) template in Google Docs available for download.

There are many ways to protect the conversations and information shared and one is a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. We wanted to provide our community, and others with a free to use Google Doc template of a MNDA form. It is linked below on Gumroad and instructions are included in Notion. 

There are a few reasons to use a MNDA to govern the start of a relationship with a freelancer:

  1. Protecting your IP and confidential information
  2. Protecting the information and knowledge from the freelancer
  3. Not yet being in market and the zero to one build phase may require more secrecy
  4. Future protection if someone infringes on your ideas and information
  5. Mutual protection - just showing that you are serious about the relationship with a consultant.

All Fractional talent at Go Fractional is bound by our own confidentiality agreements, protecting clients, which makes meeting and speaking to prospective consultants a breeze. We value partners time and think that this starting point is a great way to do just that.

If you are thinking about hiring a freelancer or want to protect your own information, think about using this guide as a starting point. As a reminder we are not a substitute for a lawyer so please review any and all documents that you sign or have someone else sign with proper retained legal counsel. If you are looking for a fractional GC to do just that, let us know. 

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