Reset your Talent Bar

Reset your Talent Bar

The Power of Fractional Hiring

In my extensive years of experience hiring and managing teams, one principle has been constantly etched into my hiring strategy - maintaining a very high bar for talent. This concept may seem simple on the surface, but it’s a complex practice that demands deep understanding and unwavering discipline. Why do we place such a high emphasis on keeping a high bar for talent? The answer is quite simple, yet incredibly powerful.

Talent attracts talent.

This principle is the cornerstone of any successful organization. The reality is that talented individuals gravitate towards environments where they can work with equally if not more, talented peers. They seek out situations where they can learn, grow, and be challenged. Therefore, having a team of high-caliber professionals benefits your company's performance and makes your organization an attractive prospect for other top talents.

The Downward Talent Spiral

Hiring someone who doesn't meet your standards, even once, can put you on a downward spiral of quality that is hard to recover from. You can hire junior roles only when there is ample opportunity for mentorship and training. However, the true problem arises when the person you hire, who lacks the appropriate mentorship, begins to hire people themselves. Their bar for talent is almost guaranteed to be lower than yours. If this paradigm is repeated over time, you'll find your organization slowly but surely filling up with individuals who can't deliver the ROI you expect.

I've often emphasized that it's incredibly difficult to raise the bar on talent once you've embarked on this downward spiral. How do you persuade a highly talented individual to join your team when they clearly outshine the rest of your staff? Finding a highly qualified candidate and then convincing them to join your organization with a compensation package that fits within your budget can be painstakingly long, often stretching over months.

The solution? Embrace the concept of Fractional Hiring.

Go Fractional: The Answer to Elevating Your Talent Bar

Fractional hiring provides the opportunity to bring in exceptional talent within your budget constraints. This innovative approach to recruitment opens up a world of possibilities for your organization by giving you access to a wider pool of talent without breaking the bank.

While it's true that typically, hiring fractionally can be just as time-consuming as hiring a full-time employee, with our unique approach at Go Fractional, we've streamlined the process. We have assembled and thoroughly vetted a network of the most senior fractional talent available. Our members are seasoned veterans in their respective fields, having hired hundreds of people, played integral roles in some of the most successful tech companies, and even built their own companies.

The impact of bringing in fractional leadership can be transformative

They can help redefine your team's perception of what "good" looks like, revamping your interview process from sourcing candidates to closing offers. They serve as a mentor to your existing team, leveraging their expertise and experience to bring your existing employees up to speed. The ripple effect of this can lead to a significant improvement in your team's overall performance and productivity.

There's no need to remain frustrated with a team that is underperforming. Instead, consider reaching out to Go Fractional and let us know your needs. We're committed to working with you to find the perfect fit for your team. Our mission is to help you elevate your talent bar and reset your standards, one fractional hire at a time.

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