What should you ask a freelance consultant before hiring them?

What should you ask a freelance consultant before hiring them?

A Reference checks template for asking the right questions when hiring a consultant

Conducting reference checks on a consultant, or anyone you work with, can be a great return on time invested. You can learn about what motivates a person from people that worked with them, how to work and communicate better together, and what success looks like for that person.

At Go Fractional, we offer a vetted group of fractional consultants who can provide exponential talent at a fraction of the cost. You can use the template below to help you conduct reference checks on a consultant before you work with them.

Why do a reference check at all?

Reference checks are a great way to understand where someone is coming from, get the context on their last role, and learn about how someone communicates. If a candidate tells you how they contributed to a project, team, or role a reference check can show you what actually happened.

Hiring a freelancer can be a straightforward, cost effective, and very impactful way to bring someone on board that has the relevant experience your team needs now. It can avoid costly recruiter fees, lower your burn and save budget due to not being a full time employee that needs benefits, and finally save equity if you are a startup. By asking these questions and more you can align early on a successful outcome.

The process to talk too and interview someone should be taken seriously and the more time and energy you put into bringing anyone onboard into your organization the better.

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