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Mockingbird makes the ultimate stroller for what is most important. They make an incredible product that has truly resonated with customers, and they have been growing fast since launch. In their own words, “Mockingbird brings premium design and high-quality materials to expecting parents at an affordable price“.

What we did

  • Shifting to Shopify's most recent API version was critical. Using infrastructure from 3 years+ old that didn’t have documentation anymore was becoming tough. This unlocked many of the latest Shopify features making operations at Mockingbird easier.
  • Tighter integration with 3PL partners. Leveraging the webhooks of the 3PL partners allowed Mockingbird to unlock real-time updates on fulfillment.
  • Setup QA process and added tests to the codebase to ensure the stability of the tech stack

How we did it

  • Start from scratch with a modern Typescript tech stack leveraging Fastify and Prisma
  • Created a staging environment to allow the team to easily test new changes before going to production
  • Integrate directly with Shopify and Mockingbird’s 3PL partner
  • Codified the infrastructure using terraform and deployed the new infrastructure to AWS

Raising the Bar

The team wanted a more reliable and scalable tech stack to support their steadily growing number of orders and products. The team was also on an unsupported version of the Shopify API and needed to upgrade in order to use the latest features. As a result, orders were being processed in a non-scalable way, which would frequently result in server timeouts requiring manual intervention. Migrating from this batch system to a real-time system utilizing webhooks was critical.

Enter Go Fractional - bringing on a full stack engineer who could tackle everything they needed and more.

With a large and growing operations team, the engineering effort at Mockingbird was lean. GoFractional was able to plug in a full stack engineer that raised the bar for anyone that joined. Working with those that have done it before, and learning from what they have shipped has impacts across an entire team.

3PL Integration

Go Fractional provided Mockingbird with a founder-level engineering leader that helped us out of a huge amount of tech debt, streamlining and modernizing our entire e-commerce stack

Ross Berger

VP of OperationsMockingbird
Ross Berger

The way they do fulfillment in general - orders come in, are routed to the shipping provider, and the platform was notified. Fulfillment was being completed in a less ideal way that was not easily digestible by the platform, or informative for customers. Customers expect things to happen quickly and seamlessly.

A Fractional Senior Product Engineer worked to streamline and simplify the process and organize information flow in a way that gave Mockingbird visibility into the process and customers the information they need to understand their order. This entire streamlined process saved “hundreds of thousands of dollars” of costs according to SVP of Operations Ross Berger. 

Keep Shipping

Embedding a Fractional Engineer went so well that we are now handling all core engineering components for Mockingbird. We help them do what they do best; create and sell the best products for families. We focus on shipping great code.

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