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I no longer sell dreams. I help people live their dream

Recruiting sells the dream of growth and culture, but most equity turns into a pipe dream. Instead, invest in yourself and work fractionally to unlock opportunities. Bootstrapping with personal runway increases chances of success. Go Fractional helps connect talented people and companies.

Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA) Template

We're providing a free Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (MNDA) template in Google Docs to protect confidential information when connecting with consultants or freelancers. It safeguards intellectual property, freelancer knowledge, ensures secrecy in the build phase, and offers future protection.

Reset your Talent Bar

Maintaining a high talent bar attracts top professionals and benefits your organization. Hiring below standards leads to a downward talent spiral. Fractional hiring offers access to exceptional talent within budget, transforming your team's performance and productivity.

Introducing Go Fractional

Unlock the power of fractional talent with Go Fractional. Top consultants choose to work part-time with great companies, while clients benefit from experienced executives without the cost of full-time hires. It's time to Go Fractional and achieve greater ROI.

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