Asher Van Brunt

Lead technical architect for Mirror, sold to Lululemon, 2x founder

I'm a full-stack engineer with product, design, and management experience. I'm working with many clients all around the world, spending time understanding their problems and helping them build something amazing.

Currently I'm the founder of a prop tech company looking to make lives easier for brokers. I'm interested in fractional production engineering roles

Asher Van Brunt


  • RabbitHole


    Gain access to earning opportunities while learning about the best apps in web3
  • Latitude: Community Banking

    Latitude: Community Banking

    Latitude was launched with the idea that banking should be thought of in a new way… Not simply as a means to an end, but as a tool that empowers our members as well as their communities. As a result, we combine the local focus and impact of community banking, with cutting-edge technologies and distinct experiences, to deliver our members a digital banking platform like no other. Latitude is also unique in that its members are treated like owners, not just customers. Thus, members have the rare opportunity to: (i) financially benefit from increases to our equity value; (ii) dictate who is on our platform via their power to invite; and (iii) take actions to positively impact their community. Being part of Latitude is a responsibility as much as it is a reward.
  • Mirror


    MIRROR is now lululemon Studio. Access the world's best fitness brands with 10,000+ workout classes at your fingertips with your lululemon Studio Membership.


  • Gotta Go Fast

    Gotta Go Fast

    Freelance Software Engineer

    Apr 2022 - Present

    Working with a variety of wonderful clients to fulfill their product and technical needs

  • Ink

    Lead Frontend Developer

    Mar 2021 - Apr 2022

    Ink is a mobile-first real estate tool designed to let you create, edit and sign contracts on your phone in minutes.

    • Worked with industry leaders to modernize and digitize the home buying process
  • Mirror


    Senior Software Engineer / Chief Architect

    Mar 2018 - Feb 2021

    10,000+ classes at your fingertips. World-class trainers and fitness brands, all in one place. Anytime, anywhere. lululemon Studio is limitless fitness, only available with the lululemon Studio Mirror.

    • Created and maintained global e-commerce website
    • Sole developer through product launch
    • Scaled application for continual growth and handling large, anomalous traffic spikes (e.g. Black Friday)
  • okbreathe

    Founder / Principal

    Jan 2007 - Mar 2018

    Bespoke website and application development

    • Partnered with a wide variety of clients in many different industries
    • Performed all business related functions

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