Guillaume MOREL

Start-Up CTO · AI Enthusiast 🌱

I have assisted multiple startups as a CTO for 8 years. During this time, I also co-founded a startup in London, which enriched my understanding of the CEO journey: what is pragmatic and impactful Vs what is not. Prior to this, I supported teams in companies such as Total, Michelin, and Sanofi.

I began with coding Flash games 19y ago.

I currently live in Marseille, France.

Soft Skills:

🔹Team Player



🔹Humble 🍪

Guillaume MOREL



  • ☂️


    Technical Co-Founder

    May 2021 - Present is a radically simple new way to offer your team health cover, anywhere in the world. A Mo Mastercard 💳 for employees to use to access clinical services, globally.

    • Bootstrapping a health insurance with 2 interns in 6 months
    • Help raising a £500K pre-seed
    • Using LLMs to give super powers to our operators
    • Implementing growth hacking initiatives
  • 🚀 Freelance

    Fractional CTO / CTO as a Service

    Jan 2020 - May 2021

    Punctually helping startups as Fractional CTO (CTO as a Service). Assisting CEOs in getting an unbiased vision of their tech project and team. Taking the time to vulgarize complex topics. Thus giving them some fresh perspectives on their burning issues. Some sort of "Gordon Ramsay" 👨‍🍳 for startups, but kinder.

    • Disaster recovery
    • Mentoring juniors
    • Unlocking critical projects to meet critical deadlines
  • 🛰️ onTracks

    🛰️ onTracks


    Jan 2018 - Aug 2020

    Guiding hikers, bikers or motorbikers with a GuideWatch (Wearable). Giving intuitive direction not by voice or screen but by vibrations. Have to go to the left? Your left watch is vibrating.

    • Scaling a team from 2 to 12 developers.
    • Coaching our team to build robust and maintainable code in a pragmatic way.
    • Catalyzing talented developers and growing team play 🌱.
    • Coordinating API and Mobile/Web app in order to make sure we have the smoothest developer experience.
    • Making sure most complex logic is covered by our API so that Mobile/Web App teams can focus on UI/UX opportunities.
    • Implementing robust architectural methodologies so as to contribute to minimizing the project’s technical debt.
    • Leading Machine Learning projects.
    • Building an algorithm inscreasing 2x the GPS accuracy of a mobile phone (based on gravitational lift concept)

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