Neil Taggart

Fractional CTO/CPO, making tech investments work

I love making software that people want to use, whether it's consumers or businesses. In a fractional role, I'm expert at finding and delivering value: in people, in processes and in the tech stack.

I've worked in many industries from banking and fintech to FMCG and media, and in both developing and developed countries. These days I'm less hands-on and lead more, whether it's leading a dev & support team to build a great service or leading founders to building a great business and team, or leading clients to use the great service. Plenty of successes and scars to share.

Neil Taggart



  • Tribe Ai

    Tribe Ai

    Associate Product Manager

    Mar 2023 - Present

    Your AI lab. Top engineers on all things ML and AI.

    • Did a presentation to Columbia students on leadership and the role of a fractional CTO
  • Adaptive Consulting Corp

    Adaptive Consulting Corp


    Mar 2008 - Present

    Technology is faster than business. In modern business it is not enough to be good, and even being the best is fleeting. The rapidly changing business climate means that there’s no winning formula. The only way to sustain your lead is to think of the next thing, plan how to get to it, and rapidly adapt. Adaptive Consulting specialises in helping businesses do exactly that. Whether you need insight into the next technology paradigm, or whether you need help in getting to it, Adaptive will help you sustain your business and protect your technology investments. We hate to see technology wasted. Let us help you adapt.

    • Helped a fintech startup recruit top engineering talent
    • Validated and optimised a startup's tech strategy to streamline costs but still deliver high performance
    • Helped a small business understand and explore new markets and partners
    • Coached a CTO at a medical scale-up on best practices to prepare to scale (DevOps, appropriate hires, etc)
  • Figtree Financial

    Chief Technology Officer

    Mar 2021 - Mar 2023

    A Caribbean-based Multi-family Office

    • Built & selected the tech stack, including portfolio modelling and mgt tools
    • Vendor partnerships & negotiations with d1g1t, Bloomberg, Futurevault, Microsoft
    • Worked closely with 2 co-founders and offered COO role.
  • GP Strategies

    GP Strategies

    Technology Partner

    Aug 2017 - Oct 2020

    Part of the leadership team who sold McKinney Rogers to GP Strategies and joined as a Technology Partner, integrating our tech stack with GP Strategies and joining GP's Innovation Kitchen.

    • Pitched the tech division to investors to sell the company
    • Integrated Azure IT cloud and bespoke software stack with new owners
    • Regular contributor to GP's innovation team
  • Mckinney Rogers

    Mckinney Rogers

    Chief Technology Officer

    Dec 2011 - Sep 2017

    McKinney Rogers is a global business consultancy with a proven track record for transforming performance.

    • Migrated our SaaS product to Azure cloud
    • Designed & led build of newest version of Advance Dashboard
    • Designed & led build of mobile apps for Advance Dashboard
    • Re-designed and co-built corporate wargaming software
    • Part of 3-man exec team who sold the business to a Fortune 1000 business
  • Clarien Bank Limited

    Clarien Bank Limited

    Senior BA and PM

    Jul 2004 - Feb 2008

    Offshore Bermuda-based bank.

    • Selected and successfully deployed the internet banking platform for both retail and corporate banking, effectively doubling the user base
    • Set requirements and ran procurement process for new core banking system. Defined the upgrade path
    • Co-built the bank's call centre with the head of call centre, who I hired
    • Launched a new business Visa card
  • BBC


    Business Analyst and Project Manager

    Apr 2003 - May 2004

    The best news and documentary maker in the world. #myopinion #imbiased

    • Selected & deployed CRM solution to 100+ sales & marketing folks in under 9 months
  • Capco



    Jan 1998 - Mar 2002

    Capco is a global management and technology consultancy dedicated to the financial services and energy industries.

    • Part of 4-man team that devised the Internet banking strategy for a Cypriot bank that became the largest in its markets
    • Stress testing manager for the (then) fastest growing internet bank in Europe

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