Rob Shapiro

Product leader and operator with experience scaling from 0 to growth stage

I have 10+ years of experience building and leading high performing, inclusive, and collaborative product, engineering and design organizations. I help scale businesses by understanding customers, building solutions for their pain points, operationalizing an organization and driving go-to-market strategy.

If you put a box around me, I operate as a VP of Product. If you you set me loose, I enjoy organizing daily-operations, helping executives align around a clear strategy, rolling out go-to-market…

Rob Shapiro


  • SaaS Spend Management & Procurement Software | Tropic

    SaaS Spend Management & Procurement Software | Tropic

    Gain visibility & control over every dollar, contract, and supplier in one place. It’s the spend management software, data, and procurement services you can trust.
  • Muck Rack for journalists and public relations

    Muck Rack for journalists and public relations

    Use Muck Rack to find journalists, get press for your story, monitor the news and report on the impact of your PR. Journalists can build portfolios and accelerate their careers.


  • Tropic


    VP of Product

    Mar 2021 - Jan 2023

    Joined as 9th employee and first executive hire. Primary person responsible for transition from a professional services organization to a B2B SaaS company. Build products (and teams to support them) across the procurement process. This included a portal for all employees at a company to submit requests (with OTP authentication), workflow tools to govern the process of purchasing software, contract management functionality, usage monitoring of SaaS platforms via API integrations.

    • Scaled team from 9 to ~300
    • Developed B2B SaaS platform with 6 distinct products supporting end-to-end procurement workflow
    • Grew product team to 7 people, supporting 5 designers and ~40 engineers
  • Muck Rack

    Muck Rack

    VP of Product

    May 2013 - Feb 2021

    B2B SaaS for public relations teams used to find journalists, monitor news, report on coverage and collaborate with teammates. Architected a platform that allowed for creating and maintaining hundreds of thousands of profiles for journalists, indexing news and social media posts in Elasticsearch. This database sat alongside tools build for CRM-style workflows applied to public relations. Joined as 4th employee.

    • Scaled from 4 people to ~250+
    • Lead product team of 5, supporting ~35 engineers and 4 designers
    • Oversaw strategy, goal setting and product-led ARR expansion
    • Built human-in-the-loop system alongside web scraping and machine learning processes to maintain a database of people and media outlets

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