Sharad Mangalick

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Creative Apps Builder and Advisor

I'm a former Strategy & Operations Consultant turned Product Manager, and I love helping people and companies turn their passions into apps and services.

I've explored creativity in many domains, and have built solutions to help solve problems across the creative spectrum, including:

  • Amazon Kindle - writers, publishers, and readers
  • Adobe Lightroom - photographers, shutterbugs, and photo geeks
  • Descript - podcasters, YouTubers, and TikTok creators

I've built products on desktop, web, and mobile. I was working on AI even before ChatGPT3, and have an AI patent to my name.

I'm excited to work with your team to help brainstorm, roadmap, and build solutions for your customers.

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  1. Adobe Analytics
    Adobe Analytics
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    Google Sheets
  3. Figma
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Sharad Mangalick


  • D-ID's newest app uses AI to make videos from photographs | TechCrunch

    D-ID's newest app uses AI to make videos from photographs | TechCrunch

    • Product Strategy
    • Agile Product Management
    • Mobile Applications

    Lead PM and drove development efforts to launch the iOS and Android versions.of the D-iD generative art studio product.
    • Asana
  • Enhance Details

    Enhance Details

    • Product Management
    • Data and Artificial Intelligence
    • Go To Market
    • Product Strategy

    Created the strategy, roadmap, and drove the technical research that led to the development of Raw Details, the first AI enabled editing tool inside Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Camera Raw.
    • Python
    • Adobe Analytics
      Adobe Analytics
  • Patent for creating AI technology

    Patent for creating AI technology

    • Data and Artificial Intelligence
    • Analytics
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Business Intelligence

    Patent for using AI to determine new ways to classify the content of an image dynamically. Patent led to internal technology designed to help engineers, marketers, and Product Managers to better understand the Creative Cloud customer base and design new campaigns and features to meet their needs.

    US11710312B2 - Systems and methods for dynamic image category determination


  • Adobe Inc.

    Adobe Inc.

    Principal Product Manager

    Sep 2011 - Apr 2022

    • Drove the adoption of AI into the raw imaging processing pipeline, creating AI based features for Photoshop and Lightroom like Upright, Raw Details, Super Resolution, and Denoise. Partnered with AI researchers to create a robust roadmap of research projec
    • Pivoted from the traditional subscription business model and created a mobile freemium business model to drive customer acquisition and conversion. Freemium opened up customer acquisition efforts and resulted in consistently earning Top 20 rankings in bot
    • Developed and implemented the strategic plan to transition Lightroom from a standalone perpetual-license product to an integrated desktop, cloud, and mobile subscription service that launched as Creative Cloud Photography Service.
    • Built a growth squad to run experiments designed to uncover and validate photography customer insights. One experiment drove an 8% increase in usage in a feature critical for activation among new customers.
    • Patent Holder. Patent: Mangalick, Sharad. Systems and Methods for Dynamic Image Category Determination. 2022. Patent Number: US11468674B2.
  • Amazon


    Product Manager

    May 2010 - Sep 2010

    • Collaborated with engineering and vendor management teams to identify future features to drive go-to-market strategy for Kindle device and appliations
    • Initiated and led Amazon’s inaugural on-campus Case Competition, over 250 Ross MBA students participated in event
  • Microsoft


    Product Manager

    Jan 2010 - May 2020

    • Azure Product Strategy
    • Identified and prioritized opportunities to partner with independent software vendors to increase adoption of the Azure cloud platform
  • PwC Advisory

    PwC Advisory

    Senior Associate

    Aug 2004 - Jun 2009

    • Strategy, Technology, and Operations Consultant
    • Developed comprehensive financial assessment toolkit for PwC Practitioners use to quantify costs and benefits associated with outsourcing backoffice functions
    • Designed vendor selection program encompassing client interviews and financial analysis, helping professional services firm select integrated backoffice outsourcing provider for $150MM outsourcing deal

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