Sharang Phadke

Healthcare product leader with a deep AI/ML background.

I'm a data-focused technical product manager with deep experience in healthcare. I spent 6 years at Flatiron Health scaling infrastructure to extract facts about patients from health record documents, including shipping the first ML-extracted research datasets, now a 10M+ business. I've helped clients with everything from UX research and design to understanding product analytics to scoping new product opportunities and running market research.

Sharang Phadke


  • Outside Therapy

    Outside Therapy is the first customizable, evidence-based digital therapy workbook that helps therapists and clients make more progress together.

    I'm a co-founder of the company behind Outside Therapy, and am building this project from scratch to scale evidence-based therapy.
  • Publication: ML model quality evaluation in oncology real world evidence research

    At Flatiron Health, I helped published a framework that can be used to evaluate the quality and viability of real world evidence in oncology generated using machine learning models to extract patient facts from unstructured notes (doctors notes, lab reports, etc). This helped build trust with customers, positioned our ML research product in the market, and helped the research field better understand. how to use the data we were selling.


  • Sabbatical

    Product Advisor, Product Lead

    Apr 2022 - Present

    I've been on a sabbatical focused on helping high impact charities build software to accomplish their missions.

    • I led the product team at the Centre for Effective Altruism for 1 year, where we focused on building online platforms for the effective altruism movement, supporting innovative charities in global health, animal welfare, biosecurity, and AI Safety
    • I advised IDInsight’s first software team on software strategy, design, and best overall practices
    • I built an MVP legacy giving solution for Giving What We Can, a charity pledge organization focused on directing donors to impactful and effective charities.
  • Flatiron Health

    Flatiron Health

    Senior Product Manager, Senior Software Engineer

    Jul 2015 - Apr 2022

    Led teams of data scientists and engineers responsible for information extraction tools which power Flatiron’s $150M+ oncology real world evidence business.

    • Rebuilt Flatiron’s largest product line using machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to replace manual annotation of patient documents, unlocking new research across 10x the number of patients.
    • Scaled Flatiron’s underlying ML/NLP infrastructure from use in 1 to 5 product lines.
    • Ran market research product strategy and user research for Flatiron's first ML-powered datasets
    • Built and scaled a free-text search feature across all 200M+ patient documents to power point-of-care search for doctors as well as research use cases. This feature powers many of Flatiron’s research products.
  • Neurotrack


    Software Engineer

    Jul 2014 - Apr 2015

    Full stack engineer and data scientist on Neurotrack’s first product, a web-scale prognosis tool for Alzheimer’s disease.

    • Full stack engineer and data scientist on Neurotrack’s first product, a web-scale prognosis tool for Alzheimer’s disease

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