Tony Escamilla

  1. People
  2. Fractional Chief Talent Officer
  3. Technical Recruiting

I talk about building repeatable recruiting processes 🌟 | Head of Technical Recruiting at Stellar Health | Recruiting Ops Advisor | Recognized as Top Corporate Recruiter | Meditate! 🧘‍♂️

If you're looking to secure top-tier technical talent or construct a high-performing team from the ground up, consider me your strategic partner.

I serve as the Head of Technical Recruiting at Stellar Health and an advisor to a handful of high-growth tech companies.

Awarded as a Top Corporate Recruiter for multiple years, my skill set encompasses everything from:

- Recruiting operations

- Strategic hiring

- Negotiation philosophy

- And building high-caliber talent functions

Outside the professional are…

Tony Escamilla


  • Top Funnel Talent - People Advisory

    Top Funnel Talent - People Advisory

    • Technical Recruiting

    A people advisory firm for employers seeking fractional HR & Recruitment services.


  • BILT Rewards

    BILT Rewards

    Talent Advisor

    Sep 2023 - Present


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  • Elevate K-12

    Elevate K-12

    Talent Advisor

    Jan 2023 - Present


    • .
  • Stellar health

    Stellar health

    Head of Technical Recruiting

    Jul 2021 - Present

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