• Natalie Ledbetter profile image
    Natalie Ledbetter
    1. Fractional People Operations Leader
    2. Head of People
    3. Coaching
    4. Strategic Vision & Leadership
    5. Advisor
    Fractional People Operations Leader in Early-stage startups,
  • Adam Redlich profile image
    Adam Redlich
    1. Head of People
    2. Chief People Officer
    3. Fractional Chief Talent Officer
    4. Fractional Chief People Officer
    5. Fractional People Operations Leader
    People and Talent Thought Leader
  • Danielle Smith profile image
    Danielle Smith
    1. Process Improvement
    2. Onboarding
    3. Developing team culture
    4. Full-life Cycle Recruiting
    5. VP People
    Fractional Talent & People Leader. Have led growth teams 10x company HC and laid out all Talent and People Ops foundation