Trupti Natu

FinTech & Data Exec

ex-Uber, Cash App, Square, eBay & Amazon with zero-to-one startup experience I am poised to be your strategic partner in unlocking unprecedented success in the world of FinTech. Get in touch to discuss how I can tailor my services to meet your unique needs and drive your business forward.

Trupti Natu


  • Uber Tech Day: Uber Eats -- Driving Global Fraud Losses Down While Empowering Business Growth - YouTube

    Uber Tech Day: Uber Eats -- Driving Global Fraud Losses Down While Empowering Business Growth - YouTube

    Uber Risk uses AI and machine learning models to reduce global fraud losses on our platform. Through the lens of Head of Uber Eats Risk & chief strategist Trupti Natu...
  • Jampack: Event Tickets, Hotel Packages for Music Festivals & More

    Jampack: Event Tickets, Hotel Packages for Music Festivals & More

    About the company: Discover comprehensive packages including event tickets, hotel stays, and exclusive perks. Experience more for less with our all-in-one package deals for music festivals and events.

    Products I worked on:

    • Stripe negotiations, Adyen negotiations & orchestration
    • Calculating payment processing cost & reducing 3X saving $7M annually
    • Getting the company out of VDMP program & Setting up chargeback represntment framework
    • Payment acceptance - adding Affirm, Paypal and setting a stratgy for wallet
    • Rediness for PayFac
    • Setting up Stripe connect to be a MoR for PayFac model
  • FinTech musings | Trupti | Substack

    FinTech musings | Trupti | Substack

    Observations, predictions and stories about my experience in FinTech. Click to read FinTech musings, by Trupti, a Substack publication with hundreds of subscribers.


  • Jampack


    Head of Product (Fintech & Data)

    Sep 2022 - Dec 2023

    Jampack is a QED portfolio company that is revolutionizing travel & concert packages with their financial and bundled package offerings. I led their orchestration strategy, acceptance, layaway plans & payment processing negotiations besides data stack & reporting/ML/data science needs.

    • Product
    • Payment Partnership
    • Payment processing
    • Data Science
    • ML
    • Orchestration, BNPL, Layaway plans
  • Afterpay


    Head of InStore Cards Data & Strategy

    Jan 2021 - Oct 2022

    Afterpay is one of the leading BNPLs. It was sold to Block Inc in 2021 for a substantial - all stock comp.

    • Cards strategy
    • InStore & Omnichannel
    • BNPL
  • Uber


    Head of Risk (Uber Eats, Money movement)

    May 2017 - Jan 2021

    First Risk person on Eats team to Head of Risk of Global Risk at Eats & Money movement.

    • Risk strategy
    • Risk models
    • Payouts

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