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  • Jeff Mitchell profile image
    Jeff Mitchell
    1. Fractional CTO
    2. Leadership
    3. Product led growth
    4. Strategic Vision & Leadership
    5. Advisor
    I help CEOs realize growth and product excellence through technical leadership and innovation.
  • Vicky Volvovski profile image
    Vicky Volvovski
    1. Product Strategy
    2. Roadmap Planning
    3. Fractional CPO
    4. Product Vision
    5. Product Market Fit
    Product strategist & consultant | former Head of Product @ Zapier | Founder in climate tech
  • Evan Hammer profile image
    Evan Hammer
    1. Fractional CPO
    2. OKR Coach
    3. Head of Product
    4. Leadership
    5. Hiring
    Startup leaders hire me to sharpen their focus and maximize growth | Founder (acquired), Vimeo, Codecademy