• Luc Succes profile image
    Luc Succes
    1. Fractional CTO
    2. Mobile
    3. Web3
    4. Product Strategy
    Creator of Renown Mobile Apps (Spotify, Artsy, Drizzy), Web3 CTO
  • Jonathan Grana profile image
    Jonathan Grana
    1. Fullstack
    2. Mobile
    3. Fractional CTO
    4. Advisor
    Sold company to Greenhouse, first mobile engineer at Compass, 3x founder / CTO
  • Paul Dlug profile image
    Paul Dlug
    1. Fractional CTO
    2. Fractional Principal Engineer
    3. Software Engineering Leader
    4. Fractional Engineer
    5. Fractional Engineering Leader
    Engineering, strategy, leadership for zero to one builds and complex digital transformations.