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Our CFOs have a wealth of experience in financial management and strategy, leading companies through IPOs

  • Yuval Berman profile image
    Yuval Berman
    1. Finance
    2. Budgeting, Forecasting
    3. Investor Reporting
    4. Data Analysis
    5. KPI Dashboards
    YuvalisFinance | Full stack financial consulting for crypto & web3
  • Carolina Martinez, CFE, CCI, CCE, CRC, MBA profile image
    Carolina Martinez, CFE, CCI, CCE, CRC, MBA
    1. Due diligence
    2. Digital Currency
    3. Balance Sheet
    4. Variance Analysis
    5. Management Accounting
    🚀 Cryptocurrency Accounting/Tax/Fraud Examiner Professional 🚀
  • Rakesh Pullabhatla, CPA, CFA profile image
    Rakesh Pullabhatla, CPA, CFA
    1. Business strategy
    2. Financial Analysis
    3. Accounting
    4. Financial Modeling
    5. Strategic Finance
    Fractional CFO | Fintech | Crypto | DePIN | Spacetech

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