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    DK Burnaby
    1. Fractional Chief People Officer
    2. Fractional COO
    3. Fractional Chief Talent Officer
    4. Fractional Head of People
    5. Fractional People Operations Leader
    Helping companies of all sizes scale rapidly and sustainably
  • Shenia Kirkland Madden profile image
    Shenia Kirkland Madden
    1. Advisor
    2. Fractional General Counsel
    3. Leadership
    4. Legal Management
    5. Legal
    Award-Winning SaaS / AI Tech Attorney
  • Jesse Strauss profile image
    Jesse Strauss
    1. General Counsel
    2. Legal
    3. Legal insights
    4. Property Development
    5. Advisor
    Experienced General Counsel from seed to exit (2x GC, 1x exit)