Vijay Rajendran

Executive Coach to CEOs, Fundraising Expert, and Fractional Strategy Leader

20+ years of investing in and supporting entrepreneurs on their journeys.

Vijay's expertise is helping startup CEOs navigate the complex world of fundraising, founder sales, and team building.

He is the former head of portfolio value at 500 Global where he works with hundreds of companies including dozens of unicorn startups. He led a global team helping 2,800 portfolio companies in over 80 countries, and their founders develop connections, raise capital, and create a thriving community. Previously, he led a venture studio for a global bank, was a startup founder in fintech and ecommerce, and was a management consultant focused on international business strategy.

Vijay Rajendran


  • Had the fortunate opportunity to work directly with Vijay. He is an exceptional leader with an ability to motivate and structure the team to achieve excellence. Vijay is endowed with knowledge of multiple industries and numerous business cases which makes his approach very unique and impactful. The clarity in thoughts, innovative approach, and trust in his team provided me an opportunity to take ownership and work towards the organization's vision.

    Apoorv  Sharma

    Apoorv Sharma

    Lead Market Strategy, South Asia, 500 Startups
  • Vijay was a pleasure to work with. His ability to dig in to the details while always keeping in mind the big picture is a powerful combination, allowing him to develop strategic insights for companies that span a range of industries. Vijay's hard work ethic, analytical skills and patience make him an asset to any team.

    Michelle Scheinmann

    Michelle Scheinmann

    Senior Business Analyst, Kearney



  • My Startup System

    Executive Coach

    Jan 2024 - Present

    As a founder, advisor, and investor, I have developed a deep understanding of the startup ecosystem and the challenges and opportunities facing entrepreneurs.​ Why can I help you? I led the portfolio value team that supported one of the largest early stage venture capital portfolios in the world: 500 Startups. I've supported many founders and helped them on their journey to becoming CEOs. I have also developed relationships with investors and executives and understand how to help them develop professional and organizational success they want

    • Partnering with CEO to unblock milestones and unlock the potential of them and their teams.
  • Climate Capital

    Climate Capital

    Climate Capital Syndicate Investor and Advisor

    Nov 2022 - Present

    Angel investor in Climate startups and instructor in the Climate Angels educational program with members of the Climate Capital Team.

    • Launched Climate Angels Fellowship program in 2024 to bring more angel investors into the Climate Tech Field
  • Maven


    Course Instructor, Business to Business Sales Strategy for Startup Founders

    Aug 2022 - Present

    Get the right strategic footing Be more strategic when it comes to market size and sectors, find the best industries and decision makers who need their products, then understand how these prospects think. Solve Valuable Problems for your Future Customers Conduct world class customer development. Everyone's got problems in big companies. So are you good at identifying them? That's the secret to great customer development that makes your product better and creates new channels for your business. De-Risk your Solution for Decision Makers How do you ask people to take a bet on you? I'll share the importance of building a pilot program. Together, we'll go create one. You will de-risk your startup's product/service for decision-makers so they will advocate for you. Develop Results that Produce Momentum You'll need social proof to succeed. Turns that first win into a compelling case study for others to follow

    • Showing founders that corporate partnerships are about selling and pitching, it’s really about listening, planning, and collaborating.
    • Positioning pre-seed startups to work with corporates and win that first pilot, proof-of-concept, or deal.
  • 500 Startups

    500 Startups

    Head of Portfolio Value

    Nov 2021 - Sep 2023

    Helping 1800 startups and their founders develop customers, raise capital, and create community at leading global venture capital firm. I also connected the most promising startups with the executive leadership of innovative companies that want to understand the venture ecosystem, navigate partnerships, and make new investments.

    • Provided 166 fundraising introductions to raise $13 million and partnerships for global portfolio.
    • Developed a startup sourcing program in mobility for a Tier 3 supplier and oversaw GM mobility track in 500 Startups flagship accelerator, investing in 10 companies since 2018.
    • Led fintech accelerator and sourced Series A and B startups for Visa in the Asia-Pacific region.
    • Sourced and diligence of fintech, SaaS, and marketplace startups to invest in our Accelerator.
  • Azlo

    Interim CEO

    Feb 2016 - Jan 2017

    As part of my role at BBVA, I led new business concepting and secured internal seed investment as interim CEO of one of the first digital banks for small business: Azlo (previously Noet Inc.).

    • Compliance-approved onboarding for business bank accounts.
  • jump associates

    jump associates

    Project Lead

    Nov 2013 - Aug 2015

    Launched new products and businesses for a leading design and innovation strategy consulting firm.

    • Created product roadmap for an e-commerce client’s new strategy set to transact over $50 billion.
    • Developed financial model for omnichannel customer experience concept evaluation and new store experiments for a retailer to add $200 million sales lift in the home improvement category.

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