Avi Flombaum

Technical Product Executive with Over 15 years of Startup Experience

With 20+ years of experience, I am an engineering and product leader passionate about building magical applications. I’ve taught thousands how to code and built engineering teams. I excel at transforming product vision into reality through creative solutions to complex problems. I want to work on products that change things.

In 2012 I started Flatiron School and served as the Dean and Chief Product Officer for 8 years. After that I joined Revature also as …

Avi Flombaum



  • Revature


    Chief Product Officer

    Sep 2020 - Aug 2023

    Revature is a tech career launch pad and the largest employer of entry-level technology talent in the U.S. The company works with Fortune 500 companies, government organizations, and top systems integrators to grow their business by hiring, training, and deploying top tech talent. Our mission is to create a pathway for candidates from diverse experiences and educational backgrounds to reach their potential as technology professionals. Alumni of the Revature program work on innovative, challenging, and rewarding software development projects across the United States. Revature has trained over 7000 software engineers across 54 technical disciplines, recruited talent from 700 universities, and deployed them to blue-chip companies throughout the U.S. We have proudly committed to training 1 million developers over the next decade, helping to close the opportunity gap in tech and supporting the future of work. Learn more about Revature at www.revature.com.

    • Responsible for the strategy and execution of our technical training programs. Building technology platforms to support, improve, and scale our technical training programs. Helping define the company's mission, vision, values, and culture.
    • Conceived and built training event tracking system to increase efficacy of training platform by 15% yielding over $45 million in new revenue and cost savings.
    • Managed a remote product and engineering team of 50 in India.
    • Introduced Ruby on Rails to reduce sprint time by 50%.
    • Lowered cost of cloud environment by 30% by rearchitecting AWS configuration while increasing speed and reliability.
  • Kode with Klossy

    Kode with Klossy

    Program Designer

    Apr 2014 - Apr 2018

    Kode With Klossy creates learning experiences and opportunities for young women and gender expansive youth. Our programs ignite a spark that fuels our scholars' agency to pursue their passions in a tech-driven world.

    • Taught supermodel Karlie Kloss how to program.
    • Helped start a nonprofit to teach highschool women how to code.
    • Designed the program and wrote the curriculum.
  • Flatiron School

    Flatiron School

    Co-founder and Chief Product Officer

    Jul 2012 - Jun 2020

    Second programming bootcamp ever and #1 way to launch a career with in-person or online courses in Product Design, Data Science, Software Engineering or Cybersecurity.

    • Founder of 2nd coding bootcamp ever leading technology education and product development.
    • Grew company to over 600 employees, 13 campuses, 10,000 alumni, 2,500 yearly students, a 93% average job placement, six career disciplines, and $60 million in revenue and a $36 million acquisition.
    • Authored an innovative Ruby, Ruby on Rails, and Javascript Test Driven Curriculum that has resulted in over 5000+ new developers.
    • Created and led product and engineering of an inspirational learning management system that integrated with Github to host, open-source, and version control the curriculum for the school with an automated test-suite holding students accountable for progre
    • Designed an end to end learning platform with a CLI for forking, cloning, running tests, committing, pushing, and creating a pull request of students coding lab work that ran CI of the test suites for autograding and review.
    • Built and managed a product and engineering team of over 60 leveraging Ruby, Elixir, and Javascript.
    • Maintained 2 week feature sprints across 6 squads resulting in daily deployments.
    • Reported to the executive team and board and collaborated on technology initiatives with the entire company.
  • Designer Pages

    Designer Pages


    Jun 2006 - Aug 2012

    Product selection reinvented. Organized. Simple. Totally Sweet. Find products and materials. Create furniture specifications and finish manuals. Sync with Revit. Collaborate with your team members. All with a click of your mouse. Made for Commercial Interior Designers.

    • Founded a company that provided a search platform for architects and interior designers to find, collaborate, and manage products.
    • Indexed over 1 million products for thousands of manufacturer websites and normalized product metadata to provide functional search across dozens of product attributes and facets.
    • Created an algorithm to serve relevant advertisements within search results based on the results of the search rather than the keyword and filed an approved patent for the process.
    • Grew the company to a team of 12 and over $1 million in revenue.

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