David Salinger

Early GTM leader at Tableau, Parallels, and Paxata; Founded EyeLevel and Eleventeen

I'm a previous founder and experienced senior sales leader with a well-established record of building and leading go-to-market teams in the technology industry.

I've been through 2 IPOs, 5 mergers or acquisitions, as well as learned valuable lessons from 2 company shut-downs (one as a founder). Very few scenarios would be unfamiliar to me!

My primary GTM focus has been on taking disruptive products and services to market that are sold directly to business users in a land/expand model with consiste…

David Salinger


  • B2B SaaS Revenue Generation

    Throughout my career, I've been dedicated to one key outcome: driving remarkable revenue growth.

    Here are the results that I've achieved across a variety of software sectors:

    • Led Glue.co's go-to-market transformation, growing ARR from $40K to $930K in just 11 months.
    • From pilots to repeatable ARR growth at Paxata, scaling it from $250K to $2.9M in just 2 years.
    • Scaled commercial segment revenue from $150K to over $110M in 5 years leading up to our successful IPO.
    • Transformed Parallels' B2B revenue from $300K to $18M in just 2 years.
    • Launching SaaS at OnRequest, generating the first $1.9M in ARR and transitioning from pure agency services to SaaS plus creative services.
    • Led the growth of Onvia's customer revenue from $8.5M ARR to $36M ARR over 3 years, with a transformational 400% increase in customer retention.

  • I'm committed to building and empowering high-performing sales teams, and I've hired over 400 go-to-market team members in my career.

    With a track record of recruiting and nurturing top talent, I've successfully hired and managed the first revenue team members at 7 B2B startups, scaling revenue teams as large as 150+ in multiple global locations.

    I believe in taking an empathetic and tailored approach to equipping sales professionals with the tools, knowledge, and motivation they need to excel, a philosophy that has resulted to my team's success.

  • I bring a unique combination of strategic vision and hands-on execution that enriches the capabilities of an executive team. My collaborative approach as a strategic leadership team member ensures that every facet of the organization, from sales to product to operations, benefits from my leadership and experience.

  • Sales Operations

    Everyone's first CRM is a spreadsheet, but optimizing sales operations for peak efficiency has always been a secret weapon that has helped me build and scale even at the earliest stages. By leveraging the right approach and tools, you can transform a clumsy sales process into something repeatable that streamlines workflows, improves data management, and drives significant revenue growth.

  • I'm motivated by crafting and implementing early-stage sales strategies that pave the way for rapid growth. Drawing from my hands-on experience at very early stage companies like Glue.co and Paxata, I bring a practical approach to launching and scaling sales efforts, tailored to the unique needs and aspirations of a company seeking to claim their piece of the market.


  • Glue (formerly Mystery)

    Glue (formerly Mystery)

    Vice President, Revenue

    Oct 2021 - Dec 2022

    Glue is the World's First AI-Powered Employee Engagement Platform for Distributed Teams. I joined the team as employee 23.

    • I played a pivotal role in the company's growth journey, taking ARR from $40K to a substantial $930K in just 11 months.
    • My leadership on the exec team was instrumental in the successful transition from services to SaaS, setting a strong foundation for scalable growth.
    • I had the privilege of hiring and managing the first 10 revenue team members, fostering a culture of high performance and customer-centricity.
    • I streamlined sales operations by converting manual processes into a scalable revenue ops stack, utilizing tools like Salesforce, Outreach, Gong, and Metabase.
  • Eyelevel Software, Inc.

    Eyelevel Software, Inc.

    Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder

    Dec 2017 - Sep 2021

    Where great conversations build happier teams.

    • I successfully recruited technical and product co-founders to join me in building and launching a bootstrapped B2B startup.
    • Grew revenue from zero to $90K ARR.
    • Released multiple versions of our platform on web, iOS and Android App Stores
    • Raised over $600K in pre-seed and angel funding.
  • Paxata


    Vice President, Sales

    Dec 2013 - Oct 2016

    AI-powered self-service data prep and data fabric to transform data into info. A DataRobot company. I joined Paxata as employee 12.

    • I joined the company at the pre-Series A stage and built the team that grew revenue from $250K to a significant $2.9M within just two years.
    • I represented the GTM sides of the business in board meetings and other board communications.
    • My work as the head of the revenue engine was critical to our success in raising Series A funding.
  • Tableau Software

    Tableau Software

    Vice President, Sales

    May 2008 - Oct 2013

    Tableau is a suite of SaaS business intelligence tools that help people see and understand their data. I joined Tableau as employee 35.

    • Having experienced Tableau's journey from Series A to acquisition, I bring insights into scaling from the ground up.
    • At Tableau, I built the team and scaled the commercial segment to incredible revenue growth, taking it from $150K to over $110M in six years.
    • I focused on fostering a high-performing sales culture, achieving an 80% attainment rate while maintaining 70%+ employee retention.
    • I launched and led a global partner program at Tableau for over three years, which we then spun out as an independent channel and I helped build that org.
    • My team started with 3 AEs and was over 150 AEs, CSMs, Sales Engineers, and Sales Leaders when I left.
  • Parallels


    Sales Director, North America

    Aug 2006 - Jul 2008

    Parallels is a desktop and server virtualization software company. I joined the team as employee 5 in the US.

    • At Parallels, I successfully grew global B2B revenue from $300K to $18M in two years.
    • I hired the sales, sales engineering, support, and customer service teams, growing to a team of 60+ across multiple US and INTL locations.
    • I led the integration of US go-to-market efforts through multiple international mergers.

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