Divya Shivaprasad

Founded BeeMarvel | Scaled and Hired Tech Talent @Netflix, Apple, Amazon and Airbnb | I/O Psychology @ Harvard

Talent Acquisition Leader, passionate about building teams and scaling organizations. I am experienced in building and executing programs that enable hire-develop-retain employees driven by the company's core cultural values. With over 14+ years of experience hiring executive-level talent, I am skilled in Executive Business Partnership, Leadership Hiring, Team Management, End-to-end Hiring, Building interviewing, and onboarding training.

I believe in applying the right strategies through open com…

Divya Shivaprasad


  • Divya brought a really positive, cheerful attitude to our team in addition to a great deal of knowledge about creative candidate sourcing methods. She has a very strong technical background which was a huge asset as she was always a top performer, finding highly qualified candidates and supporting very challenging roles.

    Lisa Arnold

    Lisa Arnold

    Sr Client Lead, Volt
  • I appreciated Divya's technical insight and her computer science background and ability to understand technical requirements quickly and meaningfully. Her communications, both client-facing and internal, are prompt and professional. She was also a lot of fun to work with, and I am happy to recommend her.

    Roger Wagoner

    Roger Wagoner

    Sr Client Lead, Volt
  • Divya is a world-class recruiting manager; I've enjoyed working with her as an IC at Netflix and my direct manager at Airbnb. Divya has led many improvements to Airbnb's generalist hiring model. She excels in ambiguous situations with her sound approach to problem-solving, using data and feedback to drive informed decisions. She also takes calculated risks where needed. Divya actively seeks feedback and advocates for improvements where needed; above all else, she leads with transparency.

    Joe McCormick

    Joe McCormick

    Sr Technical Recruiter, Lead, Airbnb
  • Our work was a true partnership: nothing about how Divya approached her role felt transactional. We hired some great folks together and pushed each other hard to improve. Divya was always open-minded when I brought ideas that took us off our paved recruiting path. She helped me hone my thinking about growing my team and the necessary criteria for each role and held me accountable. She made me better at my job. Divya brings energy, innovation, and leadership to her role.

    Martin Tingley

    Martin Tingley

    Director, Experimentation Platform, Data Science, Netflix
  • I was consistently impressed by Divya’s ability to successfully lead highly ambiguous efforts and do so in a way that empowered those around her to contribute their strengths. In leading our centralized hiring effort, Divya built an end-to-end process, improving our ability to hire efficiently while maintaining a high and equitable bar. Divya’s unique combination of thought leadership, innovative vision, and active listening made her a tremendous asset to Netflix.

    Stephanie  Lane

    Stephanie Lane

    Data Science Manager, Netflix


  • Data Science Centralized Hiring @ Netflix

    Revamped hiring process by accessing needs across Data Science and Engineering roles, created efficiencies and personalized hiring approach to deliver on candidates aligned with core function and business objective needed to deliver on company goals and roadmap.

  • Bootstrapped a new team to deliver an MVP to solve Amazon's Logistical Ops bottleneck and bridge the gap between customers' lost packages and Amazon's refund policy. Hired Software Embedded engineers, Software IOT engineering teams, and Management roles in launching a new product line to track packages in real-time.

  • Led Hiring for Apple's Special Project - Apple TV Sports Team in 2019 to build talent strategy and hire foundational engineers and management team to launch a new product line within Apple TV. Sports streaming on Apple Media Products was a new line of business and I partnered with the VP and Distinguished Engineer of the project to hire, and onboard the team from scratch.


  • BeeMarvel


    Founder, Talent Business Partner

    Apr 2022 - Present

    BeeMarvel's services are science-backed, well-researched and industry-tested. Our tailored strategies go beyond hiring and ensure your organization fosters a highly functional, engaged, and thriving workforce.

    • I partner to scale startup companies and mid-size organizations in hiring their foundational engineering teams, build, execute and deliver on executive search and scale teams around them to deliver on organization's business goals.
    • Empower organizations to cultivate, and reimagine talent development practices that nurture growth and embed their core values deeply as they scale.
    • Provide comprehensive hiring manager training, interview calibration and coaching, ensuring your team is equipped with the best practices in candidate assessment and that your organization attracts the leaders it needs to thrive.
    • Lead workshops which are curated to align with your organizational, people, and strategic development goals.
    • Grounded in our purpose to improve the way the organizations are built, developed, and led, I work with leaders to bring in new talent while strengthening those you already have.
    • Strategic partnership to my clients working alongside the executive team and/or co-founders to build on hiring and people tools and infrastructure.
  • Airbnb


    Sr Manager, Tech and Mobile Engineering

    Jul 2022 - Apr 2023

    Airbnb's core mission is to foster a sense of belonging and create a world where anyone can feel at home anywhere.

    • Hired and Managed Recruiters and cross-functional Sourcing Partners to build scalable processes and apply unique hiring strategies.
    • Partnered with Sr Executive leaders on hiring planning, capacity planning, prioritization, and implement hiring processes/goal setting to deliver on the business priorities.
    • Experienced in redesigning hiring programs, performance review programs, and building high-potential talent management initiatives.
    • Partnered with HRBPs, People Data and Insights teams to determine appropriate talent metrics to measure the progress and impact of programs.
    • Led redesign of performance review process for identifying and promoting Staff Recruiters and built performance management toolkits for new managers.
  • Netflix


    Talent Business Partner, Data Science and ML

    Apr 2021 - Jul 2022

    Netflix is an American subscription video-on-demand streaming service. Netflix's mission is to entertain the world; no matter where one lives or what their taste is, they provide best-in-class series, documentaries, films, and games.

    • Talent Acquisition Lead responsible for directly partnering with the VP of Data Science and Engineering and the Org Leaders to forecast business needs, while executing, managing, and building end-to-end hiring plans.
    • Leadership Hiring Partnership: Aligned resources based on Hiring Demand, talent mapping, and coached hiring managers to hire successfully through an inclusive lens. Worked cross-functionally with HRBPs, finance, diversity partners & compensation partners.
    • Managed Hiring Programs: Executed on hiring strategies and built robust pipelines. I launched the Centralized Hiring Program for niche roles within Data Science and Engineering and built out processes from scratch.
    • Interview Calibration: Built and ran training for Technical Interview Calibration across different organizations and enabled creating consistent hiring practices for similar roles.
    • Data Driven Approach: Forecast and track goals towards building diverse teams by staying on top of metrics and conversion to ensure alignment with business goals and drive priorities for hiring needs within orgs.
  • Apple


    Principal Recruiting Lead

    Jul 2018 - Apr 2021

    Apple Inc. is a multinational technology company that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

    • Principal Recruiting Partner for various groups including Apple Media Products - Search and Recommendation (ML), Sports - TV Apps (iOS, UI and Full Stack), Product Management for Apple Media Products, and Data Science teams in Evaluations.
    • Strategic Hiring Across Functions: Built talent strategies to bring in highly sought-after talent/skill set and hired Executive Level talent to Sr ICs in Engineering while executing and revamping hiring practices to enable long-term growth.
    • Led a team of Sourcing Recruiters and partnered with full-life-cycle recruiters to execute on research and engagement strategies, execute on inclusion and diversity strategies, and worked across the end-to-end hiring process.
    • Hired for Software Engineering, Research, Data Science, and Leadership roles.
    • Built strong relationships with HRBPs, Compensation partners, and Engineering Leadership to be mindful of the compensation curve and internal equity.
    • Bootstrapped Start-up Teams: I supported special project groups where I was solely partnered with a Distinguished Engineering leader to build out brand new teams to launch Sports Team within TV Apps
  • Amazon


    Sr Recruiting Manager

    Apr 2012 - Mar 2018

    Amazon.com Inc (Amazon) is an online retailer and web service provider. Amazon's mission is to be Earth's most customer-centric company. This unites Amazonians across teams and geographies as they strive to delight customers and make their lives easier, one innovative product, service, and idea at a time.

    • Sr Manager supporting technical organization spanned across multiple countries globally.
    • Partnered with VP and Technical Leaders across organizations like eCommerce Platform, Last Mile Technology, FinTech, Consumer Operations to build end-to-end talent strategies and execute on hiring demand and build hiring infrastructure needed to deliver.
    • Hired and built recruiting teams to hire for technical roles like Sr Engineers, Sr Manager, Principal Talent and Director level at Amazon.
    • Built and Delivered trainings in the areas of Interviewing Best Practices, Candidate Engagement/ Talent Assessment, Sell Calls, and Writing Interview Feedback.
    • Boot strapped technical startups within larger organizations by serving as Tech Recruiting Lead for Special Projects, and delivered on foundational tech team hiring to build products used by costumers globally.

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