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Executive coach helping leaders grow their impact

Do you want to have more impact?

-- I will help you unleash new potential for you and your team by identifying mindsets that are blocking you from greater possibilities.

-- We will work together to identify the values and principles that can keep you and your team aligned and moving forward towards a common vision.

-- I will offer new perspectives to help you handle challenging situations, drawing on my two decades of technical and operational experience across several startups and Google before tr…

Eric Nehrlich


  • You Have a Choice: Beyond Hard Work to Meaningful Impact

    You Have a Choice: Beyond Hard Work to Meaningful Impact

    • Executive Coaching
    • Coaching
    • Writing

    I wrote this book to help people who are stuck because working harder isn’t working for them. They have had success in their career but are blocked from further advancement, often because they are holding onto mindsets or behaviors that are keeping them in place. I redesigned my life after burning out at Google in 2011 when feeling similarly stuck, and now help leaders as an executive coach to find a new path forward. I wrote this book to share what I’ve learned with a wider audience, because I want to help more people than I can coach individually.
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    • Fractional Executive Leadership Coach

    My coaching clients share how I helped them in their own words.
  • Creating Organizational Alignment - YouTube

    Creating Organizational Alignment - YouTube

    • Thought Leadership
    • Strategic Vision & Leadership

    In this talk, I draw on my experience as the Chief of Staff for the Google Search Ads team, and my work as an executive coach, to share frameworks and tactics that can help you make your organization more effective by aligning the team around what matters most.


  • Too Many Trees LLC

    Executive Coach

    Oct 2018 - Present

    I help leaders grow their impact by helping them gain clarity on their priorities, and addressing the mindsets that are holding them back.

    • See my LinkedIn testimonials under Work Highlights.
  • Google


    Chief of Staff, Search Ads

    Oct 2012 - Jul 2019

    • Led business strategy and operations for the Search Ads team as it grew past $100B in revenue.
    • Contributed to the strategy as usage shifted from desktop to mobile, and from US/UK to worldwide.
  • Google


    Senior Financial Analyst

    Sep 2008 - Oct 2012

    • Lead analyst of the revenue forecasting team, tasked with understanding and explaining revenue trends to the Google leadership team.
    • Created business models and provided finance support to emerging businesses such as Google Shopping, Google Offers and Google Payments.
  • Fog Creek Software

    Fog Creek Software

    Product Manager

    Mar 2006 - Aug 2008

    • Served as Product Manager for FogBugz 7, responsible for the specification of the development version of our main product.
    • Project managed the FogBugz 6 release, scoping and prioritizing customer feature requests and bug fixes, and testing changes throughout beta testing.
    • Managed the customer service department through a period of rapid growth where the volume of customer emails and phone calls tripled, while interviewing and mentoring new employees to help handle that growth.
  • Applied Strategies Technology

    Associate Director, Technical Solutions

    May 2005 - Feb 2006

    Applied Strategies helps the private, public, and non-profit global health sectors make better decisions in the face of future risk and uncertainty.

    • Designed and implemented a World Bank analysis that convinced government donors to raise $1.5B for pneumococcal vaccines after seeing the projected results based on our model.
  • MDS Sciex / Signature BioScience

    MDS Sciex / Signature BioScience

    Instrument Scientist

    Nov 2000 - May 2005

    Signature BioScience built technology designed to measure biochemical activity by interpreting electrical signals. Signature BioScience went bankrupt in April of 2003, and its technology was acquired by MDS Sciex. I was one of 12 Signature employees hired by Sciex to develop the Signature technology from a research prototype into a bioimpedance-based cellular assay instrument for drug discovery called CellKey™.

    • Led software development and data analysis efforts in LabVIEW, C# and Matlab necessary to collect and interpret user-valued information from this novel instrument technology.
    • One of four people chosen to represent the team when the CellKey™ system was given the “Polypops Foundation Award for the Best Innovation for Microplate Design or Application” at the Society of Biomolecular Sciences 2008 conference.
  • San Francisco Industrial Software

    Software Engineer

    Jul 1998 - Oct 2000

    Software consulting firm specializing in data acquisition and instrumentation.

    • BD Biosciences - Lead software engineer on a six person team developing a digital flow cytometer. Developed an award-winning prototype with National Instruments hardware, then led effort to create a version for production that cost less than existing cytometers and outperformed them significantly.
    • Revivant – Developed a software prototype that enabled clinical trials for a biomedical life-critical application.

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