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Hi! I’m Geoffroy, and I’d like to help you build winning products and teams, faster.

I bring 12 years of product leadership experience at Capsule, Foursquare, and Google. I joined Capsule when it was a 7-person team, pre-launch, and ran product management and design for 3 years. I then led an initiative to build and market a new SAAS product from a pie-in-the-sky idea, through product market fit, through scaling. In three years we went from idea to 100s of sales, including some of the largest health systems in the country, successfully competing with companies 10x our size. I wa…

Geoffroy Bablon
Hi, I'm Geoffroy. I'm passionate about building software and teams that solve impactful problems and deliver unforgettable experiences. I started my product career at Google and Foursquare over a decade ago, and I spent the last seven years at Capsule, the leader in digital Pharmacy. I joined that team when it was just six of us. I was the first product hire for a tiny little team and I helped grow that business to dozens of markets around the country, achieving nine digits in revenue. It was a totally different company from Foursquare and Capsule. I've seen every stage of startup company building, from seed to maturity, and I would like to accelerate you through that same journey. More specifically, first, I can help craft product strategy, really de-risk it with appropriate market and customer discovery, and take a new product bet from 0 to 1. That's something I did at Capsule in the last three years, leading an initiative to build and market a new SaaS product from a total pie-in-the-sky, it'll-never-work kind of idea through product-market fit and eventually selling it to hundreds of customers, including some of the largest medical systems in the country. Second, I think I excel at delivering delightful consumer experiences. I know how to drive a really nimble discovery process to deeply understand what your customers want, and maybe what they don't know yet that they want. I have a lot of experience building experiences, building services that rely on human operations, which creates a lot of constraints and is typically a lot harder to scale than just ramping up your AWS cloud account. As you have more users, it generally requires a different approach to product development. Lastly, I love to build impactful teams and to help empower them with the right culture and the right process. I had the good fortune to build two different teams at Capsule over my time there. The more recent one spanned 30 people across product engineering, sales, and account management, making it a full-stack little startup. I've seen over and over the ways in which you have to attend to the culture and the process like a garden. The process that made sense a year ago probably doesn't fit anymore today. So, as your business scales, you have to be constantly tending and revisiting those. Hopefully, those are some of the things that I can or would be excited to bring to you.



  • Capsule


    Head of Product and General Manager

    Apr 2023 - Present

    capsule is a healthcare technology company reconnecting medication to the healthcare system. we are rebuilding the $425bn pharmacy industry from the inside out – the things you see and the things you don’t see. our team makes the same promise to each other as the one we’ve made to our customers: everybody needs some looking after sometimes. we're the type of team that is there to lend a helping hand to each other. we’ll never lose sight of the fact that behind all of the complexity of healthcare we’re just people looking after other people. we’re a relentlessly positive and optimistic crew, looking for other passionate, curious, and resourceful people. if you’re a data-driven long-term thinker and you think you can help lead capsule as we build an iconic and enduring brand, we want to hear from you. capsule is backed by thrive capital, the virgin group, and some of the most successful healthcare executives in the country. our investors have also backed instagram, oscar health, warby pa

  • Foursquare


    Product Manager

    Sep 2012 - Dec 2015

    From September 2013 to December 2015, I was the PM in charge of in-app search recommendations, helping users discovery great places to go. My team was responsible for the evolution of the home screen in the new Foursquare 8 app. In late 2014, we also launched Foursquare for iPad.

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