Andrew Askins

Product Consultant | Coach | Founder | Bootstrapped to $1M+ in revenue with exit

I'm a product geek, founder, coach, and consultant.

I grew my first business, a product consulting agency, to 10 team members, over $1M in revenue, worked with 50+ clients, and brought two internal SaaS products to market.

Our clients raised more than $120M in funding with two successful acquisitions. In June of 2022, we sold our agency to a client in a successful acquisition.

Now I take on a small number of clients in a fractional product, consulting, or coaching role. I excel at helping clients go from zero to one, vet and hire great technical and design talent, and build a really great culture in the process.

Andrew Askins


  • Andrew’s ability to quickly get to the core of what a product needs to be successful is second to none. He’s been able to expertly manage multiple stakeholders and guide them towards the right solutions and decisions. He has also shown his ability to manage and grow talent while delivering (and receiving) feedback. Andrew is my first pick when it comes to product.

    Sean Sun

    Sean Sun

    Founder, Miscreants
  • Andrew is one of those people who can always make things happen. He's comfortable leaning into discomfort, diving into the unknown and working through messy problems. As my business partner I've seen him grow from a software engineer into a talented salesperson, writer, marketer, and leader. He's an excellent and empathetic leader with a knack for figuring things out on the fly. Andrew is one of the best product thinkers you'll meet, with a big bag of skills and experience to back it up and.

    Austin Price

    Austin Price

    Partner / Creative Director, Krit


  • B3i Analytics

    My team and I worked with Steve Shulman, the non-technical founder of B3iAnalytics, to turn a spreadsheet he developed while working with his consulting clients into a full-fledged SaaS Application.

    We worked with Steve to scope out the MVP of the product, design it, build it, and maintain it through the acquisition.

    He quickly landed customers like Yale, Dartmouth, and Brown before selling the product in a successful acquisition to Huron Consulting Group, a leader in the Higher Ed space.
  • GreyNoise Intelligence

    GreyNoise is a rapidly growing cybersecurity startup that operates an international network of honeypots to monitor internet-wide scanning.

    My team and I created the first UI for GreyNoise and helped the company grow from pre-seed through to Series A.

    In June of 2022, GreyNoise acquired our company. While at GreyNoise I served as an Interim Product Leader, led a revamp of our pricing and packaging that greatly accelerated the sales team's work, built the foundations for a major new product line, and more.
  • Organic Growth Marketing

    OGM is an SEO agency that partners with fast-growing SaaS and B2B companies to accelerate organic growth.

    Their team had been working on developing a set of in-house tools for a number of months, but progress was limited. I worked with them in a coaching capacity over the course of 6 weeks to educate the team on product and project management fundamentals.


  • GreyNoise Intelligence

    GreyNoise Intelligence

    Interim Product Leader / Product Manager

    Aug 2022 - Aug 2023

    GreyNoise Intelligence is a cybersecurity startup that helps defenders reduce noise in the SOC and identify emerging threats before they hit.

    • Created the first UI for the product
    • Helped the company grow from Seed to Series A
    • Served as Interim Product Leader and built processes from scratch
    • Overhauled pricing to greatly accelerate the sales team's velocity
    • Laid the foundation for the company's sensor product
  • Krit


    Founder / CEO

    Jan 2014 - Jul 2022

    Krit was a product consulting agency with a world-class product team. Our business model changed a few times — from partnering with non-technical founders to working alongside cybersecurity experts — but we always loved creating beautiful software and products.

    • Grew business to $1M+ annual revenue
    • Navigated a successful acquisition to GreyNoise Intelligence
    • Worked with 50+ clients who raised over $120M with 2 acquisitions

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