Helen Park-Wheat

Fractional Data Scientist

I am a Data and Analytics leader with 14 years of experience building data functions and driving revenue in finance and consumer and b2b technology industries.

I come from Foursquare, Trulia and Peloton, having spent the last 7 years building out Data Science from scratch at Peloton. As a frequent first or only data hire, I have worked with a wide spectrum of tools and resources to build data solutions to propel the business forward. I build trust and rapport with counterparts and stakeholders with quality analyses and reliable reports. I emphasize measurable results and execution over slide decks; I lean on the teams I have had the honor to lead in surfacing novel insights from their day to day tasks while I refine and prioritize the analytics needs of the company to ensure appropriate, data-driven considerations are made in strategic business decisions. As an individual contributor, I defined and refined company-wide subscription and engagement metrics, built reverse ETL pipelines from data warehouse to CRM to power all customer communications and interpreted A/B tests to determine optimal customer journeys among other projects. As the head of the data function, I separated the achievable and practical from the shiny but inconsequential, communicating value propositions up and down the chain to enable each level of contributor to make decisions with the best available information.

Helen Park-Wheat
My name is Helen Park-Wheat and I have 14 years of experience working in data and analytics. I started off my career in the tech space at Graph Science, which is a tiny ten person startup or so in Palo Alto, California, and then moved to the East Coast to join Foursquare, then Trulia. Then the last seven years at Peloton, I have very often been the first data hire or the only data hire at a company. And in my latest stint at Peloton, I grew the team to about 40 people from being an IC at the beginning. So I have extensive experience on the finance, consumer tech, buy and sell side at tech industries. And I'm looking to bring my experience and my perspectives to building better experiences for company operators as well as our consumers.


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    Peloton Cycle

    Senior Director of Data Science

    Sep 2015 - May 2023

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  • Trulia


    Strategy and Sales Analytics

    Jul 2014 - Apr 2015

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  • Foursquare


    Analytics and Finance

    Dec 2012 - Jun 2014

    Where Matters: Put the most trusted, independent location data and technology platform to work for your business.

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