Cristina Zappullo

Lead the development team of 1.5M AUD worth software, founded 6 digit company for Edtech.

Hello, I'm a founder of the EdTech company The Brain and I. I've worked in Data for 9+ years, developing software, building curricula and leading teams.

I am passionate about Data and teaching. I continuously promote data-oriented mentality and critical thinking to entreprenuers and employees alike.

Knowledge makes us free (and powerful).

Cristina Zappullo


  • When I first arrived as Lead Development Manager at Onboard Smarts, Cristina was in charge of the core research activities in the company. Her strong project management and technical skills were the perfect fit for her role in the team. I have been really impressed with Cristina's problem-solving skills. She also managed to build a complete system architecture for the project and managed to lead other engineers and complete task on time.

    Ludovic Grosjean

    Ludovic Grosjean

    Architecture Software Engineer, OceanX Group
  • During our two years working together, I had the pleasure of witnessing Cristina's exceptional talent as Data instructor. She is a true expert in her field and consistently delivers excellent results. Cristina's dedication to guiding her students through practical business cases is inspiring. Her commitment to their success is evident in their growth and achievements. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a dedicated and skilled instructor in the Data field.

    Pierre Mur

    Pierre Mur

    Data Instructor, Wild Code School



  • The Brain and I

    The Brain and I


    Jan 2021 - Present

    EdTech consulting company for Data topics. We provide up-to-date content and instructors. Among our clients: Wild Code School. Among our topics: Data Analysis, Financial Analysis, AWS, Data Engineering, Data Science

    • 50+ reskilled found work in less than 3 months
    • 100% satisfaction
    • NPS > 80/100

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