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Hi I’m Kevin I am an entrepreneur at heart having founded numerous startups and worked in small to large multinational corporations such as Google in various industries spanning telecom, identity management, subscription billing, cloud, and the emerging crypto/web3. I’ve built teams from scratch, 0-100 products, scale-ups to world-class enterprise software serving over 200 million users and over 10 million TPS on both B2C, B2B, B2B2C software and multi-sided marketplaces.

I’ve made a career of he…

Kevin Hoang


  • Google Cloud Platform - Cloud Asset Inventory

    Google Cloud Platform - Cloud Asset Inventory

    The Cloud Asset Inventory product at GCP is responsible for managing and overseeing the extensive collection of assets on Google Cloud Platform (GCP), ensuring their efficient organization, tracking, and accessibility. They handle billions of updates, support millions of users, and play a crucial role in powering various GCP services and operations, such as search and query surfaces, through their expertise in asset management and scalable infrastructure solutions.
  • Lyncwork

    Lyncwork is a next-generation employee experience platform that removes complexity and fragmentation in traditional systems and processes to keep employees happy and productive by encouraging and rewarding communication and collaboration.
  • Amdocs Subscription Marketplace - 3 Sided Marketplace

    Amdocs Subscription Marketplace - 3 Sided Marketplace

    Amdocs Subscription Marketplace (formerly MarketONE) expands the product portfolio for service providers(Telecom Operators) by providing a multi-tenant SaaS-based modular platform that enables service providers to quickly monetize pre-integrated Over-the-Top (OTT) services such as Netflix to true value to their subscribers.
  • User Lifecycle Management - SaaS Identity Management Platform

    User Lifecycle Management - SaaS Identity Management Platform

    The ULM platform evolves digital identity, user entitlements, and personalization to bring traditional and emerging enterprises the capabilities to service every digital user, seamlessly. ULM has been selected and implemented by some of the world's largest enterprises to ensure they remain relevant in a disrupting world; with user-centric solutions covering Digital Transformation, Digital & Cloud Services, Seamless Entertainment, the Connected Home and User Managed Privacy.



    Vice President, Product Management

    Dec 2022 - Present is a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange platform focused on providing a simple and transparent trading experience for its users. Newton's mission emphasizes competitive pricing, high liquidity, and a commitment to customer service to make cryptocurrency trading accessible to all traders

    • Reorganized and lead the product team consolidating product, marketing and design under one organization
    • Launched a unique first to market subscription model unique to the Canadian regulated space
    • Created the product operations group consolidating data under and product ops into one team with the goal surfacing critical KPI's at all levels
  • Brainstation


    Lead Instructor, Product Management

    Jan 2022 - Present

    BrainStation is a global leader in digital skills training, equipping professionals and organizations with the knowledge and capabilities to succeed in the digital era. Through a diverse range of courses and bootcamps, Brainstation offers hands-on learning experiences in subjects like product management, design, web development, and digital marketing. Brainstation's mission is to empower individuals and businesses to achieve digital success and stay competitive in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

    • As the Lead Instructor for Product Management at BrainStation, I leverage my extensive experience and deep understanding of the field to lead a 10 week class on introduction to product management helping guide the next generation product manager.
  • Google Cloud

    Google Cloud

    Product Management Lead

    Nov 2021 - Aug 2023

    Google Cloud is a suite of cloud computing services that enables businesses to build, deploy, and scale applications using Google's powerful technology stack. We offer a wide range of services from data storage to machine learning, all designed to help organizations harness the power of the cloud. Our mission is to accelerate every organization's ability to transform through data-powered innovation with leading infrastructure, platform, industry solutions, and expertise.

    • Pioneered and guided the transition of Cloud Asset Inventory into an independent GCP service, driving its evolution into a revenue-generating entity.
    • Led the transformation of Cloud Asset team into a mission-critical GCP service for all of GCP, powering every global search and query surfaces replacing regional control planes and becoming a critical service for GCP’s global fault tolerance strategy
    • Built and launched a self-governance internal allocation program, empowering internal Googlers to efficiently manage their billing spend while empowering GM to have increased cost levers within their teams
    • Led a major program to revamp the billing account hierarchy structure across cloud billing
    • Pioneered the launch of an AI-driven chat bot support experience, leveraging advanced algorithms to capture over 32 user context signals and provide intelligent, automated resolutions
  • Vindicia


    Director of Product Management

    Dec 2019 - Oct 2021

    Vindicia is a leading provider of subscription billing and recurring revenue solutions, empowering businesses to effectively monetize their digital products and services. With a focus on optimizing customer retention and revenue growth, Vindicia offers robust billing platforms and advanced analytics to enhance subscription management, reduce churn, and drive overall business success in the digital economy.

  • Lyncwork


    Co-Founder, and Chief Operating Officer

    Mar 2018 - Sep 2022

    Lyncwork is a leading-edge employee engagement platform that revolutionizes the onboarding experience, enabling employers to create impactful first impressions while facilitating effective culture management and empowering employees to have their voices heard. By simplifying complex IT and HR processes, Lyncwork facilitates seamless communication, fosters engagement, and drives positive organizational change.

    • As the Chief Operating Officer at Lyncwork and co-founder of the start-up, I created the original product vision of Lyncwork and driving its implementation
    • . Leading the product management and engineering teams and personally hired recruited and hired and assembled the entire team of top-tier talent

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