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  • Tristan Benozer profile image
    Tristan Benozer
    1. Go-To-Market Strategies & Implementation
    2. Product Strategy
    3. Leadership
    4. Strategic Vision & Leadership
    5. Market Analysis
    Growth Product Leader @ VC/PE Backed Tech Cos
  • David Jorjani profile image
    David Jorjani
    1. Advisor
    2. Leadership
    3. Team Building
    4. Product Strategy
    5. Product
    Early-stage product & engineering leader (2 acquisitions)
  • Adam Thomas profile image
    Adam Thomas
    1. Product Management
    2. Customer Research
    3. UX research
    4. Product Strategy
    5. Hiring
    Hi, I'm Adam - And I'd like to help you make a product strategy that leads customers to see your vision.