Lauren Jane Heller

Fractional Executive Leadership Coach

Working with leaders as an executive coach is the culmination of decades of varied experience both in career and industries.

The through line in all of my past work—documentary film, journalism, marketing, fundraising, entrepreneurship, communications, venture capital—is a keen ability to see what lies beneath the obvious, help people to reframe their stories about how things work, and identify new paths forward that not only feel better but create better outcomes. I help leaders to overcome their obstacles and limiting beliefs, get focused and clear, and make the lasting change that enables them to achieve their goals, rally others around their vision and live happier, more fulfilling lives. Specialties include: communication skills, focus & prioritization, team culture, conflict resolution, public speaking, fundraising, resilience, alignment.

Lauren Jane Heller


  • Shine+ Leadership

    Shine+ Leadership

    Founder & Leadership Coach

    Sep 2020 - Present

    We empower entrepreneurs, executives and leaders with the tools and presence to thrive, connect and create aligned success in their lives and careers.

    • Founder
    • Leadership Coach

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