Neil M.

CONTROLLER I CFO I MBA I GROWTH STRATEGIST I GovCon Accounting | SaaS Accounting | FP&A Director

Dedicated and results-oriented Financial Controller with over a decade of experience in shaping financial strategies and driving operational excellence for diverse organizations. Currently serving as the Financial Controller at N5 Solutions, a leading rapid growing accounting and finance outsourcing firm in Leesburg, VA. I specialize in government contracting and have a proven track record of implementing comprehensive financial plans and budgets that align with organizational goals and comply with government regulations. My expertise extends to conducting detailed cost analyses, establishing robust internal controls, and optimizing cash flow through strategic financial management.

Neil M.


  • This project aimed to streamline financial operations and enhance decision-making for a real estate investment company specializing in home flipping. Key objectives included implementing QuickBooks accounting software, aligning the chart of accounts with industry standards, and establishing project accounting to evaluate profitability by property location.

    The project unfolded in several phases:

    QuickBooks Implementation: As the lead consultant, I facilitated the seamless adoption of QuickBooks accounting software within the company. This involved configuring QuickBooks to meet the specific needs of real estate investment activities, including property acquisition, renovation costs, and sales proceeds. Additionally, I provided comprehensive training to the finance team to ensure proficiency in utilizing the software effectively.

    Chart of Accounts Alignment: Recognizing the importance of standardized financial reporting, I worked closely with stakeholders to refine and align the chart of accounts with industry standards. By restructuring accounts to accurately reflect income, expenses, and assets related to real estate investment activities, we enhanced the clarity and accuracy of financial reporting.

    Project Accounting Establishment: To enable the company to evaluate profitability on a property-by-property basis, I designed and implemented a project accounting system. This involved developing a profit and loss statement (P&L) template tailored to the company's needs, allowing for the tracking of revenue, expenses, and net profit for each property location.

    Profitability Analysis: Leveraging the project accounting framework, I conducted a comprehensive profitability analysis to assess the financial performance of each property flip. By analyzing revenue generated against renovation costs, acquisition expenses, and selling prices, the company gained valuable insights into the profitability of individual projects and property locations.

    Through the successful execution of these initiatives, the real estate investment company experienced significant improvements in financial transparency, accuracy, and decision-making capabilities. The implementation of QuickBooks provided a robust platform for financial management, while the alignment of the chart of accounts with industry standards enhanced reporting consistency. The establishment of project accounting enabled the company to evaluate profitability at a granular level, empowering informed decision-making and strategic planning for future investment endeavors.

  • Financial Transformation and Compliance Enhancement for Nonprofit Organization

    This project focused on enhancing financial management capabilities and ensuring compliance for a nonprofit organization through the implementation of NetSuite, tailored reporting for funding sources, budgeting, tax filing assistance, and audit preparation. The primary objectives were to streamline financial processes, provide detailed insights into funding allocations, maintain transparency with stakeholders, and ensure regulatory compliance.

    Key milestones of the project included:

    NetSuite Implementation: As the project lead, I oversaw the successful implementation of NetSuite, a comprehensive cloud-based ERP system. This involved configuring NetSuite to accommodate the unique needs of the nonprofit organization, including fund accounting, grant tracking, and donor management functionalities.

    Tailored P&L Reporting: Recognizing the importance of accountability and transparency, I collaborated with stakeholders to design and implement tailored profit and loss (P&L) statements specific to each funding source. This provided clear visibility into how funds were allocated and expended, enhancing accountability and facilitating effective stewardship of resources.

    2. Annual Budget Preparation: I facilitated the development of an annual budget in collaboration with the finance team and key stakeholders. This involved analyzing historical financial data, forecasting revenue and expenses, and aligning budget allocations with organizational priorities and strategic objectives.

    Budget vs Actual Analysis: Throughout the fiscal year, I monitored budget performance against actual financial results, providing regular reports and analysis to management and the board of directors. This enabled timely identification of variances, proactive decision-making, and adjustments to budget allocations as needed.

    Tax Filing Assistance and Audit Preparation: To ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, I provided assistance with the preparation and filing of the organization's annual Form 990 tax return. Additionally, I supported the finance team in preparing for the year-end audit, liaising with auditors, and facilitating the audit process as required by the board of directors.

    Monthly Financial Review Meetings: To maintain ongoing financial oversight and support decision-making, I conducted monthly meetings with the Treasurer to review financial performance, discuss cash flow projections, address any concerns, and provide strategic guidance as needed.

    Through the successful execution of these initiatives, the nonprofit organization was able to enhance financial transparency, accountability, and compliance, ultimately supporting its mission-driven activities and fostering trust among stakeholders. The implementation of NetSuite provided a robust platform for financial management, while tailored reporting and budgeting processes enabled effective resource allocation and decision-making. Additionally, assistance with tax filing and audit preparation ensured adherence to regulatory requirements, mitigating risks and enhancing the organization's credibility.

  • This project involved the successful implementation of Adaptive Insights, a cloud-based budgeting software, for an international company comprising over 20 legal entities. Prior to the implementation, the company relied on manual Excel-based budgeting processes, which proved cumbersome and inefficient, especially given the complexities of managing multiple currencies across various entities.

    As the lead consultant, my role encompassed several key tasks:

    Software Selection and Implementation: After assessing the company's needs and budgeting requirements, Adaptive Insights was identified as the optimal solution. I led the implementation process, working closely with stakeholders to configure the software to accommodate multi-currency functionality and ensure seamless integration with existing systems.

    Consolidation and Reporting: One of the primary objectives was to streamline the consolidation of financial data from all legal entities. Using Adaptive Insights, I established a unified platform that facilitated real-time consolidation, enabling the CFO to gain comprehensive insights into the company's financial performance across various regions.

    Data Integration: To further enhance the utility of Adaptive Insights, I oversaw the implementation of connectors to automate the import of actual financial data into the software. This integration eliminated manual data entry, reducing errors and saving valuable time for finance personnel.

    System Administration and Support: As the designated system administrator, I provided ongoing support and maintenance for Adaptive Insights. This included user training, system updates, and troubleshooting issues as they arose. Additionally, I collaborated with the CFO to develop ad-hoc reporting capabilities tailored to their specific analytical needs.

    Data Analysis and Decision Support: Leveraging my expertise in data mining and analysis, I assisted the CFO in extracting insights from the wealth of financial data now available within Adaptive Insights. This support empowered the CFO to make informed decisions and drive strategic initiatives more effectively.

    Through the successful implementation of Adaptive Insights and ongoing support provided, the company experienced significant improvements in budgeting efficiency, data accuracy, and decision-making capabilities. The CFO was equipped with a powerful toolset to navigate the complexities of managing a multinational organization, ultimately driving enhanced financial performance and business success.

  • Successfully assisted a SaaS company in optimizing their financial operations, including:

    • Restructured Chart of Accounts for improved financial visibility.
    • Corrected revenue recognition practices to ensure compliance and accuracy.
    • Developed a comprehensive budget aligned with strategic goals.
    • Created a 5-year project plan outlining growth strategies.
    • Crafted investor slide decks that helped secure $4 million in funding.

    Result: Enabled the company to raise $4 million in funding, positioning them for sustainable growth and expansion.

  • I spearheaded a comprehensive financial restructuring initiative for a Government Contractor (GovCon) company, orchestrating a turnaround from negative to positive net profit. My primary focus was on alleviating reliance on short-term loans by refinancing with a line of credit backed by accounts receivable (AR) as collateral. Through meticulous financial analysis and strategic partnerships with financial institutions, I secured favorable terms, optimizing cash flow and minimizing interest expenses.

    Additionally, I conducted an in-depth evaluation of the company's business model and pricing strategies. Leveraging market analysis and competitor benchmarks, I devised and implemented refined pricing strategies tailored to maximize profit margins while ensuring competitiveness.

    Overall, my efforts resulted in a tangible transformation of the company's financial health, positioning it for sustained growth and profitability in the GovCon sector.

  • This project focused on establishing robust financial infrastructure and strategic planning for an IT Software as a Service (SaaS) startup. The primary objectives included implementing QuickBooks for streamlined financial management, creating a comprehensive reporting package for investors, developing a dynamic budget and forecast model, and optimizing pricing strategies for maximum profitability.

    Key components of the project included:

    QuickBooks Implementation: As the lead consultant, I spearheaded the implementation of QuickBooks, customizing the software to meet the specific needs of the SaaS startup. This involved configuring chart of accounts, setting up integrations with bank accounts and payment gateways, and training finance personnel on best practices for data entry and reconciliation.

    Investor Reporting Package: To provide transparency and accountability to investors, I collaborated with key stakeholders to design and develop a robust reporting package. This package included comprehensive financial statements, key performance indicators (KPIs), and narrative analysis, tailored to the needs of investors and stakeholders.

    Budget and Forecast Model: Leveraging my expertise in financial modeling, I developed a sophisticated budget and forecast model that projected financial performance over a five-year horizon. This model incorporated variables such as revenue growth, operating expenses, capital expenditures, and market dynamics, providing the startup with actionable insights for strategic decision-making.

    Pricing Strategy Analysis: To optimize pricing and maximize profitability, I conducted a thorough analysis of research and development (R&D) spend and its impact on product pricing. By assessing the relationship between R&D investment, production costs, and market demand, I identified pricing strategies that would yield the highest profit margins while remaining competitive in the market.

    Through these initiatives, the IT SaaS startup was equipped with the necessary financial tools and insights to drive growth and success in a competitive market landscape. The implementation of QuickBooks provided a solid foundation for financial management, while the reporting package enhanced transparency and communication with investors. The budget and forecast model enabled the startup to plan for the future strategically, while the pricing analysis informed decision-making to maximize profitability. Overall, the project laid the groundwork for sustainable growth and success for the startup company.


  • N5 Solutions

    N5 Solutions

    Fractal CFO/ Controller

    Jul 2018 - Present

    N5 Solutions; Provides virtual bookkeeping, AP, AR, Payroll, Tax, and CFO Services to start up companies including Technology, Healthcare, Construction, Real Estate and Government Contractors. Business owners rely on N5 Solutions to provide the top-level analysis and accounting services that allow them to concentrate on growing their businesses Specialties: Intercompany reconciliation, Bank Reconciliation, Advance Excel Knowledge, Inventory Management, Forecasting, Budgeting, Financial Reporting, GAAP, IFRS, Cash Management, Balance Sheet Reconciliation, Year-end Audit, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Tax Preparation and Small Business Tax

    • Develop and implement comprehensive financial plans and budgets for government contracts, ensuring alignment with organizational goals and compliance with government regulation.
    • Conduct detailed cost analyses, including direct and indirect costs, labor rates, material costs, and overhead expenses, ensuring compliance with cost accounting standards (CAS) and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR).
    • Establish and maintain strong internal controls to safeguard assets, prevent fraud, and ensure compliance with government regulations.
    • Develop and implement strategies to optimize cash flow, including managing accounts payable and receivable, vendor negotiations, and financial forecasting.
    • Perform financial analysis, including profitability analysis, cost-benefit analysis, and return on investment to support strategic decision making by senior management.
  • Zeni


    Fractal CFO / Controller

    Apr 2022 - Feb 2024

    Unlock real-time financial insights and a full-service finance team with Zeni's intelligent bookkeeping, accounting, and CFO services. Zeni is the world's first finance operations platform for startups.

    • Work directly with founders and startup teams to understand their business and financial models
    • Manage a customer portfolio of SaaS and Tech Startups by taking ownership of customer revenue growth and profitability.
    • Utilize Zeni’s platform and technology to drive automation of customer processes and integration of financials applications.
    • Help Guide customers in collecting and using data to optimize the Zeni AI reporting platform.
    • Educate founders on U.S. GAAP accounting, financial statements, and financial metrics for their industry.
    • Train and mentor accounting managers, senior accountants, and staff to complete daily, monthly, and annual accounting and reporting processes.
    • Helped increase Zeni revenue by assisting customers in scaling their business and supporting additional Zeni services.
  • Kellen


    Corporate Controller

    May 2021 - May 2022

    Kellen stands as a global leader in providing management and services to professional and trade organizations. We empower Board leaders by offering operational frameworks and strategic guidance to better serve their organization's mission and vision. As a dedicated professional services company, we offer solutions to organizations, such as association management, public affairs, marketing, meeting management, education, and strategic communication. Leveraging our expertise across diverse industries including healthcare, food and beverage, buildings and materials, and technology, as well as our global perspective with a presence in North America and Europe, we collaborate with over 100 organizations to help achieve their goals. Understanding the importance of a strong and effective Board of Directors, we offer customized management solutions that address the unique needs of each organization we partner with. Kellen is headquartered in Washington, D.C. with additional offices in Chicago, Beijing and Brussels.

    • organizations with finance, technology, marketing, conferences and social events .
    • Prepare monthly financial reporting for multiple nonprofit association on a monthly basis with
    • proper commentary for board of directors.
    • Provide variance analysis of actual figures versus budget, forecast, and previous year.
    • Oversees client accounts, ledgers, and reporting systems ensuring compliance with appropriate
    • GAAP standards and regulatory requirements using NetSuite software.
    • Maintain internal controls and safeguard for receipt of revenues, costs, and program budgets and
    • actual expenditures to prevent inaccuracies in financial statements.
    • Work with outside auditors/CPA firms to prepare reviews, audits, and tax returns.
    • Assist account directors with board presentations and present financials to board of directors.
    • Ensure costs and revenues are properly classified between restricted and non-restricted funds.
    • Tie out the total revenue from association management software ties out to the Netsuite on a
    • monthly basis.
    • Make recommendations for continuous improvement to clients; processes and collaborate with
    • client team to determine priorities for programs and services to optimize revenue generation.
  • MicroTech


    Director of Finance

    Jan 2017 - Jun 2017

    MicroTech is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Information Technology (IT) Integrator and Service Provider offering Visual Communications, Telecom & Cloud, Technology Integration, and Product Solutions. Along with these proven capabilities, MicroTech provides an extensive array of innovative solutions to both private and public sectors, managing over a quarter of a million tech users daily. As a prime contractor with more than 100 federal projects and over 25 procurement vehicles, MicroTech offers access to more than a million technology products and services across the U.S. government. Headquartered just outside our nation’s capital in Vienna, VA, MicroTech’s area of operation extends throughout the U.S. and internationally.

    • Prepared financial statements, project statements, and all other financial related statements, quarterly, and annual basis to CEO and CFO.
    • Provided working relationship with bank representatives to insure company is compliance with bank
    • covenants and prepared monthly borrowing base calculations for line of credit.
    • Point of contact with external CPA firms for year-end audit and all tax related projects and to ensure
    • company is compliant with local, state, and federal tax filing requirements.
    • Work with Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable to control and better manage proper cash flow by paying vendors only after we received money from money from the Government.
    • Work closely Human Resources with 401k audit, payroll, insurance, and any financial related projects.
    • Managed and mentored a finance staff of four and to ensure they are following company policies and
    • procedures.
    • Managed the general ledger using Microsoft Navision and ensure financial books are in compliant with FAR standards.
    • Work with the DCAA for yearly audits for indirect rate verification and ensure the company can recover additional revenue from government.
    • Managed IT consultants for varies major Microsoft Navision upgrade projects including Sharepoint
    • intergration.


    Sr. FP&A Manager

    Sep 2015 - Dec 2016

    We’re moving people forward by providing transformative technology services, digitally enabled customer experiences, and clinical health services that change lives. Our employees share an authentic desire to make vital services available to the public and support the missions of our customers.

    • Supports the division president and VP of Finance with monthly financial reports and analysis.
    • Manage, serve, and oversea as a point of contact for all financial processes including billing, accruals, vendor invoices, and bank recs.
    • Create and manage yearly budgets and variance analysis as well as quarterly forecasts.
    • Provide guidance and support to all the project managers in the division with proposals, amendment changes, and any other accounting treatment questions.
    • Help support projects are following proper accounting policies and procedures and insure we are complaint with internal and external auditors.
    • Review and understand all state contracts to minimize any risk for any penalties.
    • Consolidated and review companywide monthly accruals totaling $30 million a month.
  • Ascom


    Finance Manager, Americas

    Feb 2011 - Aug 2015

    Our vision is a world where the right information moves people forward. Our mission is to put the right information in the right hands at the right time so that people can make the best possible decisions. We are a global provider of communication and collaboration solutions for the acute care, long-term care and enterprise sectors. Our solutions are based on intelligent integrations with software and hardware that are open source and compatible with third party solutions. Every single second, our systems generate large amounts of data, which we then turn into useful and actionable information. This helps us to bring data to life for people in the toughest operational environments, ensuring smooth, complete, and efficient workflows. Ascom is headquartered in Baar (Switzerland), has operating businesses in 19 countries and employs around 1,400 people worldwide. Ascom registered shares (ASCN) are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange in Zurich.

    • System administrator and implementer of Adaptive Planning Budgeting tool.
    • Project leader in implementing a business intelligent tool (ZAAP BI). Plan, test, and work closely with a project programmer to insure accurate data.
    • Lead Americas finance team with the month-end financial close, creating journal entries, executing on the affiliate payment process, and reconcile P&L variances to budget and prior year.
    • Analyze, interpret and communicate operating results to provide information and guidance to management.
    • Reconcile global intercompany receivable and payable using TM5 treasury management system.
    • Work with project managers to review allocated hours and expenses to customer projects using Microsoft Dynamics AX project module.
    • Provided Project budget VS actual variance analysis to management.
    • Data mine valuable information into useful reports for management to make important decisions.
    • Prepare weekly cash management reports and advise accounts payable with cash disbursement.
    • Prepare and manage monthly cash forecast.
    • Supervise the yearly financial statement audits.
    • Supervise an accounting staff of three including billing, accounts receivable, and accounts payable.
    • Prepare and manage yearly budget by working with all the cost center managers.
    • Maintain the company’s system of accounts and keep books and records on all company transaction, inventories, and assets in accordance with IFRS using Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009.
    • Assist KPMG with tax compliance with all federal, state, and local cooperate, payroll, and other applicable taxes.
  • Aggregate Industries

    Aggregate Industries

    Accounting Manager

    Apr 2009 - Oct 2010

    #BuildingProgress for people and the planet. 🌎 Across America, our Holcim US teams build sustainable communities. We are creators, builders and innovators. We are proud to build progress together with greener cities, smarter infrastructure, improved living standards, and so much more. Holcim US offers an unparalleled range of innovative building materials and construction services that have been the foundation for projects across the globe. At the forefront of our building solutions is a dedication to becoming a net zero company with a focus on a nature positive future with smarter designs and systems. By bridging the world's infrastructure gap, we can build progress toward a world where everyone thrives within their communities. #FollowUsForward

    • Managed a five day month end close schedule within three day time frame to insure financial reports were accurate.
    • Implemented new inventory evaluation system to help better maintain inventory levels.
    • Developed reports using Essbase that are requested by controller, chief financial officer, and operations such as sales analysis, financial ratio analysis, and expense analysis.
    • Created monthly financial package for shareholders.
    • Overseen all balances of reclamation, restoration, royalty payments, and other balance sheet accounts using J. D. Edwards software.
    • Developed yearly budgets and monthly forecasts models to help create an accurate forecast predication.
    • Managed monthly closing process by entering journal entries, creating/modifying spreadsheets, divisional job cost analysis
    • Insured my region is following company’s accounting reporting polices and procedures by creating implementing checks and balances.
    • Reviewed bi-weekly payroll for proper general ledger coding and overtime analysis using pivot tables.
    • Traveled monthly to the region to review forecast, budget, and financial statements with operations.
  • The Stavola Companies

    The Stavola Companies

    Divisional Assistant Controller

    May 2005 - Apr 2009

    In 1948, the sons of Joseph and Carmela Stavola founded their first company, Stavola Contracting. The Stavola Companies remain a fully family-owned group of businesses consisting of four major divisions: Construction Materials, Asphalt, Recycling, Contracting, and Real Estate. It has expanded to an operation consisting of three stone quarries, eleven asphalt plants, three Class B recycling centers, and multiple sand mining operations. Currently, annual production of construction materials exceeds 6 million tons. The Stavola Companies have modernized, expanded, and increased production and services to accommodate the ever-developing and diversified needs within the industry. As an industry leader, Stavola maintains a commitment to quality products and workmanship. The company supplies general contractors as well as private and public clientele including utility, municipal, state, county, and federal agencies. Stavola Contracting Company received its first extensive state contracts in 1960 on Route 36 and the Garden State Parkway, followed by federal projects on Route 287 and the NJ Turnpike. Since then, it has evolved to include a full range of services including earthwork, utility installation, and milling and paving. Stavola Contracting maintains a high standard of excellence with highly-skilled crews and full service estimating and engineering. The Real Estate division was founded in 1955 followed by the purchase of their first property, a parcel of oceanfront land located in Sea Bright, NJ. The property, now known as Edgewater Beach Club, remains a company-owned and managed property. Stavola holdings have expanded through new investment, development, and redevelopment of properties and partnerships. Holdings include shopping centers, office complexes, restaurants, and residential developments. Stavola has attracted major national retail tenants such as Wegmans, Whole Foods, Walgreens, and Verizon Wireless, in addition to many small local businesses.

    • Assisted managing the month end close.
    • Help implemented new accounting software and created financial templates and other accounting reports.
    • Worked directly with the Controller, CFO, and CEO preparing reports that are requested such as sales analysis, financial ratio analysis, and expense analysis.
    • Assisted overseeing all accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll processing and general ledger and other transactional activities.
    • Prepared all monthly bank reconciliations.
    • Filed quarterly New Jersey 927, Federal 940, and Federal 941 forms.
    • Provide support to the year-end audit review for external audit staff.
    • Prepared yearly W-2s and 1099s for the company
    • Analysis and interpretation of statistical and accounting information in order to appraise operating results in terms of profitability, performance against budget and prior year, and other matters bearing on the fiscal soundness and operating effectiveness of the organization.
  • Masco Corporation

    Masco Corporation

    Inventory Accountant

    Aug 2004 - Apr 2005

    Masco Corporation is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of branded home improvement and building products. Our products enhance the way consumers all over the world experience and enjoy their living spaces. Our portfolio of industry-leading brands includes Behr® paint; Delta® and Hansgrohe® faucets, bath and shower fixtures; Kichler® decorative and outdoor lighting and HotSpring® spas, to name a few. At Masco, we believe in better living possibilities—for our homes, our environment and our community. Across our businesses and geographies, we seek out these possibilities to grow ourselves, enhance our consumers’ lives, create returns for our shareholders and improve the world around us. We believe a strong, supportive presence in the communities where we live, work and do business is vital. We partner with organizations that are as driven as we are to support the growth of our communities, encourage and enable equity and provide safe, affordable housing for all families. Plumbing: Axor, BrassCraft®, Bristan®, Brizo®, Caldera®Spas, Delta®, Endless Pools®, Hansgrohe®, HotSpring®, Newport Brass®, Peerless®, Mercury Plastics LLC Decorative Architectural: Behr® , KILZ®, Liberty® Hardware, Kichler Lighting For more information about Masco Corporation, visit

    • Responsible for the control, analysis, accounting, reporting of inventory, and the analyst of all inventory including external and inter-branch transactions.
    • Prepared reconciliations of major balance sheet accounts including Account deferral, material expenses, accrued expenses, and field supply expenses using Hyperion.
    • Monitored inventory levels and worked with branch personnel and suppliers to address stock levels, improve metrics, reduce inventory obsolescence, and managing the return process.
    • Assisted in the reconciliation of the physical inventory adjustment process for warehouses to include the proper booking of inventory adjustments for accurate closing.
    • Performed End of the month/quarterly reports.
    • Maintained policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Sarbanes Oxley.

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