• Brian Kaplowitz profile image
    Brian Kaplowitz
    1. Ops
    2. Profit Margins
    3. Team Building
    4. Operational Excellence
    5. Advisor
    Senior Operations Leader. Helping companies organize, optimize, and scale.
  • Jason Gordon profile image
    Jason Gordon
    1. Goal Setting
    2. Strategic Vision & Leadership
    3. Audit Oversight
    4. Fractional CFO
    5. Analysis
    Growth-focused fractional CFO helping CEOs and founding teams build and scale their companies
  • Peter Fernando profile image
    Peter Fernando
    1. Advisor
    2. Go-To-Market Strategies & Implementation
    3. Marketing Consultant
    4. Fractional Data Science Leader
    5. Fractional CDO
    Re-Imagining Digital Experiences with a focus on UX, CX and Revenue generation