Nicholas Weininger

Veteran SWE manager, TLM, and leadership coach.

I spent 15 years at Google as IC, TLM, manager and manager-of-managers, leading teams of 3 to 45 engineers in both search and internal developer tools divisions, and driving infrastructure improvements that significantly improved latency, resource use, reliability and security of critical Google systems. I've also been VP of Engineering at a Series A startup where I grew a team of engineers and data scientists to solve gnarly climate-tech analysis and forecasting problems. And for the past several years, I've been an independent coach/consultant to startup CTOs, co-founders, and other technical leaders, helping them work through both team dynamics and technical design challenges.

Nicholas Weininger



  • Summerstir Solutions

    Summerstir Solutions

    Leadership Coach

    Aug 2022 - Present

    Consulting with engineering and technical leaders on team building, optimizing team collaboration, project management, people management, and systems design.

    • Helped several YC funded startup co-founders grow their teams and expand their product deployments while maintaining high morale and product quality.
  • Camus Energy

    Camus Energy

    VP of Engineering

    Nov 2021 - Aug 2022

    Camus provides power utility companies with software that helps them decarbonize their grids faster while improving reliability and saving money.

    • Grew the engineering team from 9 to 17 over the course of nine months, including major senior hires of veterans from companies such as Google and Facebook
    • Coached technical leads on effective planning and execution, resulting in improved estimation, feature release timing, and productivity
  • Google


    Senior Staff Software Engineer

    Jul 2005 - Mar 2020

    Google organizes the world's information to make it universally accessible and useful.

    • Led the engineering team for Custom Search Engine, which launched a customizable version of search for website owners and grew it to >$100M annual revenue
    • Launched several mobile search UI affordances for faster search on mobile devices
    • Conceived and launched a series of search latency and resource efficiency improvements, making average search time hundreds of ms faster and reducing machine resource usage per search by double-digit percentages
    • Grew an internal developer tools team from 5 to 45 engineers, building frameworks and tools for Google's own mobile app developers on Android and iOS

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