Chase Gray

Engineering Leader, Fractional Architect/CTO, Principal/Staff Engineer

I have 20 years of experience and 15 years focusing on web applications. I’ve played a pivotal leadership role in three separate successful “unicorns”. As a mentor and leader, I’ve helped build several engineering organizations from small teams to large organizations. I’ve also advised small startups as fractional CTO/Architect. At Aurora, I helped scale the org from a small team to over 100 engineers while supporting them with my developer productivity team. At DroneDeploy, I built their web/mo…

Chase Gray


  • As a founder and CEO of a SaaS for improving performance, stability and efficiency of browser-based automated tests, I relied on Chase to shape Currents’ roadmap and vision. Chase guided me on complex technical and product decisions, using his vast, cross-functional expertise in working on complex UI-rich web-based applications. I would 100% recommend Chase as an exceptional and highly experienced tech leader.

    Andrew Goldis

    Andrew Goldis

    CEO, Currents



  • Duranta Inc

    Fractioal Consultant

    Mar 2024 - Present

    Providing expert frontend hiring assistance by developing hiring exercises and evaluating candidates as Duranta finds its initial engineering team.

    • Frontend hiring pipeline for early stage startup
  • Currents Inc

    Currents Inc


    Jun 2023 - Dec 2023

    Assisted Currents by providing my automation and test tooling expertise to help them publish a whitepaper on managing test flakiness at scale.Assisted Currents by providing my automation and test tooling expertise to help them publish a whitepaper on managing test flakiness at scale.

    • Provided expert advise on test automation
  • Favorably Inc

    Fractional CTO

    May 2022 - Feb 2023

    Provided technical direction for technology stack, hiring and managing of contractors, and the building of an initial MVP of the primary Favorably product.

    • Managed international development team in Uruguay
  • Aurora Solar

    Aurora Solar

    Principal Engineer

    Mar 2019 - Feb 2024

    Played a critical role in scaling engineering team, culture, and tools from 5 to 100 over a 2 year period, from $50M valuation to $4B. Provided leadership and assistance for difficult cross team/org projects such as performance overhauls, product pivots, engineering hiring pipelines improvements, and agile process rollouts. Built and managed a critical developer productivity team managing releases, test automation, GraphQL, best practices, developer tooling, custom cloud CI/CD runners, and internal dashboards. Led and grew a frontend team in charge of a complete rewrite of Aurora’s frontend stack helping to grow revenue by 10x and eventually 10 different product teams. Built a custom SDK for use by enterprise clients, assisted with sales calls as an engineer, doubled company enterprise revenue. Built custom parallelization tooling for our test automation to run days worth of tests in minutes saving 10s of thousands of lost developer hours.

    • Built and Launched Aurora SDK helping to close largest enterprise clients
    • Built developer productivity team which led frontend architecture and developer tools
    • Advised leadership and engineering team on architecture
    • Architected and designed 2nd version of Aurora frontend
    • Assisted with rolling out new team structure and agile processes
  • Dronedeploy


    Lead Frontend Engineer

    Apr 2014 - Apr 2018

    Built and helped design the DroneDeploy AngularJS application, eventually ported to Angular 2, which was also used as the mobile web and hybrid mobile UI for flying drones and analyzing map data through our custom leafletJS and native google maps implementation. Developed a hiring plan to build the frontend team from myself to more than 15 engineers. Led and managed the mobile team which focused on supporting new DJI drones and live testing UI and native changes on all of our supported drones on the first mobile app for flying and mapping. Improved the load time of the DroneDeploy app 400% through frontend performance optimizations.

    • Build first mobile flight app for mapping
    • Built and led frontend team and culture
    • Founding engineer
  • Google


    Software Engineer

    Jul 2012 - Apr 2014

    Helped integrate Wildfire Interactive's products into Google's social media and ads products after acquisition.

    • Integrate acquired product into Google's systems
  • National Security Agency

    National Security Agency

    Global Network Exploitation and Vulnerability Analyst

    Apr 2008 - Jul 2008

    Successfully passed an NSA special background investigation and polygraph. Resulted in clearance to work with TOP SECRET/Sensitive Compartmented Information. Primarily responsible for conducting research and developing prototype tools for computer network exploitation. Took a project from initial ideas and goals to a demonstrable prototype that is to be used as the basis for a new effort in a new agency division.

    • Awarded NSA Star Award

    Owner and Lead Developer

    Dec 2007 - Nov 2012

    I am the founder of Ratchet Software LLC. The company specializes in aggregating hard to access healthcare data into a single source and provides simple unified interfaces to access that data. The public application is located at We do all of our data processing and web applications in Ruby and Rails. I am the Co-Owner and am responsible for day to day running of the company as well as major development tasks. I also obtain and parse new data sets to increase the quality of our database of healthcare financial data. The company was bootstrapped and has been profitable from the first few months. After the first year we had much more data and many offers for custom interfaces to our public data as well as extra analysis per the client's request. We now have large ($100K+) multi-year contracts for custom data and a growing number of standard users on the public facing site In the future we hope to increase the data we offer and potentially move into the more competitive market of hospital data.

    • Bootstrapped successful company

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