Shaun Arora

  1. Operations
  2. Fractional COO
  3. Head of Strategy

Operator and 4x Founder addicted to reducing operational friction that unlocks scale, helping founders move past seven figures

Shaun believes that all businesses can be built and scaled in a more capital-efficient manner. He manifests this belief in C-level roles and advisory positions for a handful of startups -- PathSpot, Amogy, Beltways, Cloud of Goods, DASH Shipping, and Intrinsic. Prior to being a fractional COO, Shaun was a founding partner at MiLA Capital, a Venture Capital firm that seeded hard tech companies such as Emerge, Feel, and Caban, and was the cofounder of the Make in LA accelerator and Toolbox LA inno…

Shaun Arora
As a kid, my parents often told me stories about how lucky we were to be alive. That's a story for a whole other day. But what I have known growing up, and even today, is that I wanted to have an impactful life. Initially, I thought I was going to do that through science, as I was studying molecular biology as a kid. Eventually, I learned that I could be a lot more impactful in scaling businesses. I joined a company, was part of the leadership team, and we went through a hypergrowth period. I got the chance to build many departments up as we scaled from a million in annual sales to millions in annual sales. As we were doing that, I found that I would set a process, make a great hire to take over, and then move on to the next challenge. I kept doing this time and time again, and it was a lot of fun. But at some point, I realized I wanted something different and I had an idea. So I left that company, and four months later, I launched an accelerator, a venture capital fund, and an innovation space. During that process, I learned that I love building and creating something new. I also love working with early-stage teams. Prior to that, I was a cultural anthropologist for a number of different advertising and marketing agencies, and I had a curiosity around people and systems. Even today, I combine my love of science and discovery with my curiosity around people and systems. When I work with companies, I am always tugging at potential patterns and looking for a hypothesis that I can test. Ideally, we can work together to uncover something that will impact your team, as well as teams I have never met before.


  • My Three Rocks

    • Executive Coach
    • Fractional COO
    • Head of Strategy
    • Head of Customer Experience
    • Head of People

    Executive Coaching. Coffee. Fractional Work.


  • PathSpot


    New Product Catalyst + Strategy Coach

    Jan 2023 - Present

    The PathSpot SafetySuite helps your business operate safer, healthier, smarter, and more efficiently

    • Work with leadership to optimize internal meetings and tools, accelerating the team as they manage an ever-increasing number of seemingly impossible milestones
    • Improve the process for new product introductions
    • Align internal and external stakeholders around marketing direction and strategy
  • Vento Box & Feedback EQ


    Mar 2022 - Present

    Feedback EQ was launched by Vento Box in 2022 when we asked "What type of feedback giver are you?"

    • Build psychographic profiles on how people provide and receive feedback at work
    • Deploy a decision making webapp to evaluate PMF
    • Segment employees based on their profile, and their comparative position relative to their team
  • Make in LA

    Make in LA

    Managing Director

    Dec 2014 - Present

    MiLA Capital (f/k/a Make in LA) is a Seed-Stage Venture Capital Firm that Invests in Tech You Can Touch.

    • Launched venture fund focused on hard technology verticals such as climate tech, robotics, IoT, biomarkers, space, mobility, and industrial automation
    • Built operating system to manage deal flow across 100+ global networks
    • Strong deal flow generation: 5000+ companies from 75+ countries
  • Intrinsic Power

    Intrinsic Power

    Fractional Exec and Corporate Development

    Jun 2023 - Sep 2023

    Intrinsic Power addresses a misunderstanding of the distributed energy problem that's led companies to create separate products for distributed solar, energy storage, and vehicle charging.

    • Co-create the strategic narrative
  • Beltways


    Head of Strategy (fractional)

    Nov 2021 - Jul 2022

    Beltways is on a mission to accelerate humanity with a new and exciting form of mobility.

    • Lead customer discovery and narrow company positioning
    • Lead fundraising process
    • Support marketing initiatives including website launch and video
  • Cloud of Goods

    Cloud of Goods

    Chief Operating Officer (fractional)

    Jun 2021 - Jan 2022

    Our mission is to enrich traveler’s experiences at their destination by providing easy access to the equipment they want.

    • Collaborate with CEO on key strategic decisions as company emerges from a COVID-19 related hibernation and executes a major pivot
    • Lead a remote customer support and retention team
    • Evaluate, ideate, and prioritize on product roadmap driven by user insights
    • Implement tools to bring down end user wait times from 17 minutes to 1 minute
    • Draft and implement Service Level Agreements for employees and service providers
  • Stoked Mentoring Inc. (stoked)

    Stoked Mentoring Inc. (stoked)

    Surf Instructor, Board Member

    May 2004 - Dec 2006

    stoked is a community of fearless leaders. through mentorship, opportunity, and action sports culture, we empower urban youth to reach their fullest potential. launched in 2015 by steve larosiliere and tv personality, sal masekela, stoked holds passion and perseverance at its core. we believe that the strength and courage needed to learn action sports serves as a catalyst for larger life skills. stoked has impacted over 4,000 youth since its inception, with flagship offices in new york city, los angeles, and now chicago (launched in january, 2017). recognized as a 2017 ny community trust nonprofit excellence award recipient, the stoked community celebrates a culture of individuals that live big lives, take risks and seize opportunities. meet our community and learn more about stoked by visiting

    • Launched the surf mentoring programs in New York and Los Angeles
    • Secured criticial donations and fundraising to support program initiatives

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