William Smith

Ex-Microsoft Director, Technical Advisor to Fortune 500 Companies

As an experienced technology leader, I help companies harness the power of new technologies like AI, apps, and the cloud. Over my career, I've held senior roles at Microsoft, helped Fortune 500 firms navigate complex tech projects and founded startups. I'm also an author on emerging technologies. My expertise lies with digitally transforming businesses, taking their app from ideation to creation, and implement cutting-edge solutions to help them scale and stay agile. I have a strong track record…

William Smith


  • Future Tech - FT.ai

    Future Tech - FT.ai

    The Future of tech invites us to take a long, sweeping look at our evolution as a species and how it is inextricably intertwined with tech.

  • WSC - Tech, Lifestyle & Entertainment

    WSC - Tech, Lifestyle & Entertainment

    WSC serves as a vibrant digital community for creativity, knowledge sharing, and entertainment. It's a testament to a journey through the life of William Smith



  • Microsoft


    Director Of Strategy

    Aug 2021 - Aug 2023

    • Created and led 3-to-5-year technical strategies for Fortune 100 fintech partners
    • Orchestrated efforts that generated more than $40M/year in revenue
    • Led AI Roadshow for M365 CoPilot training and speaking

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