Ying Wang

I build software products that make you money.

I'm a software generalist with 7 years of experience working at venture-backed startups. The software products I've developed helped one company grow from Series A to IPO at $2.1B, reduced the time-to-close for multiple $1-10M enterprise B2B deals by weeks, and saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in cloud data costs. I pride myself on understanding not just the technical details, but the product and business details as well, all to formulate a technical strategy that moves your business forward.

Ying Wang



  • TopRight


    Co-Founder & CTO

    Jun 2023 - Nov 2023

    TopRight helps mortgage brokers get more and higher-signal leads by streamlining the mortgage application process for potential borrowers.

    • Evaluated P&L impact for various bank statement providers, and negotiated free beta access to the Plaid original bank statements beta.
    • In 3 months solo, built out a mortgage application document digital twin with automated document and account balance collection, exceeding feature parity with Floify.
    • In 3 days, implemented a homeownership assistance AI using the OpenAI assistants beta and DPA1 to assist with TOFU strategy.
  • Caribou (fmr. MotoRefi)

    Caribou (fmr. MotoRefi)

    Senior Software Engineer, Data

    Jul 2020 - Jan 2023

    Caribou helps borrowers refinance their automobiles.

    • I built the data engineering team from scratch, and scaled it from myself to 10 people (7 FTEs and 3 contractors), including writing job descriptions, developing onsite coding challenges, interviewing candidates, onboarding and mentoring ICs, etc.
    • In a team of 5 SWEs from multiple teams, I wrote the company's first digital ledger in 600 lines of SQL in 1 month, including 8 rounds of budgetary reconciliation with finance. This validated our Series C 409A valuation.
    • Leading a team of 2 SWEs, I migrated our data warehouse refresh process from a full to an incremental approach. This saved $120,000 in cloud costs a year with 0 downtime.
    • Leading a team of 3 SWEs, I built out a reverse ETL Airflow DAG to feed custom cart information into Google / Facebook ads, enabling marketing to 3x their paid search budget at a 10% increase in CAC as part of our TOFU diversification strategy.
  • Kinetica DB

    Kinetica DB

    Software Engineer, Platform

    Feb 2018 - Oct 2019

    Kinetica develops enterprise database solutions for the Fortune 500. I owned the internal sales engineering ETL framework, which helped sales engineers migrate the data of potential customers from their existing legacy solutions to our solution, so we could run performance benchmarks and provide an apples-to-apples comparison.

    • I reduced the SDLC for adding a new data source from 3 weeks to 1 day by building a JDBC integration layer, directly reducing time-to-close for multiple $1-10M enterprise B2B commitments.
    • I improved data ingestion performance by 2000x by leveraging Apache Spark as a data acceleration layer. Afterwards, it could ingest 20 million records in 30 seconds on a single node.
    • I designed and implemented a data-driven testing harness from scratch to reproduce air-gapped, on-prem bugs on my computer in 15 minutes while reducing SDET lift.
  • Xometry


    Software Engineer, Full-Stack

    Dec 2016 - Feb 2018

    Xometry (NASDAQ: $XMTR) provides on-demand manufacturing services like CNC machining and 3D printing to designers and engineers. I joined post Series A, and left post Series B.

    • I led a team of 4 software engineers to migrate our in-house pricing software from a rules-based monolith to an AI/ML-based API microservice. More accurate pricing led to higher per-part margins and increased business flexibility.
    • I worked with a senior software engineer to implement expedited shipping within our customer platform and internal ERP. Faster shipping options meant higher margins and reduced lead times, capturing more profitable business.
    • I worked within my full-stack engineering team to migrate our legacy ERP frontend to React.js based solution. Reducing legacy code and architecture improved our development velocity by 4x.
    • I worked with a frontend engineer to migrate portions of our landing page from WordPress to a bespoke solution built with Craft CMS. This enabled our marketing team to update site content without SWEs, increasing IC capacity for more critical tasks.

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