Dan Brown

Experienced Tech Leader, built Engineering teams at early stage startups. which lead to exits.

Accomplished VP of Engineering with over 18 years of engineering expertise and a proven leadership track record, specializing in building and directing top-tier, diverse engineering teams. Skilled in spearheading the adoption of cutting-edge technical architectures, including microservices, to significantly enhance system scalability and operational efficiency.

Demonstrates a strategic approach to product development from concept to launch, considerably improving user engagement and adoption rate…

Dan Brown



  • Mathison


    Vice President of Product Engineering

    Jul 2021 - Mar 2024

    Technology for building more equitable and inclusive workplaces.

    • Lead the product engineering team which consisted of PMs, Designers, and Engineers.
    • Built a CI/CD pipeline from scratch that enabled frequent painless releases with DORA metrics that placed the team in the high-performing category.
    • Successfully led the company to SOC2 attestation.
    • Recruited, hired, built and managed a cross-functional in-house team of 21 members from scratch in three months.
    • Developed, up-leveled, and managed engineers, ensuring we have the key roles needed to execute our roadmap. For example, promoted and mentored three new Tech Leads.
    • Architected and implemented a microservice that encapsulated the integration of Mathison’s product with various HRIS systems to facilitate the ingestion of HR data into the Mathison data pipeline.
  • Edmodo


    Director/Sr Director of Engineering

    May 2017 - Nov 2020

    Learning Better Together. Edmodo was a global education network that empowers educators to engage lifelong learners.

    • Directed the Growth, Retention, Platform, and Communications teams, orchestrating a scalable team growth strategy that expanded the engineering team from 3 to 30 members.
    • Led the technical migration from a PHP/Vanilla-Javascript/Backbone monolith to a modern architecture using React for the front end and Ruby on Rails for the back end, significantly enhancing application performance and maintainability.
    • Implemented rigorous cross-functional collaboration, working closely with product, design, and data teams to build cohesive, high-performing units that accelerated product development and innovation.
    • Championed architecture simplification and continuous process improvement, introducing regular technical debt and bug fix days to ensure codebase health and system efficiency.
    • Developed and executed strategic product roadmaps, aligning project initiatives with broader business objectives and significantly contributing to sustained user growth and platform stability.
    • Managed diverse and geographically dispersed teams, overseeing remote engineers in India and China, fostering a culture of inclusivity and high performance across global teams.
    • Spearheaded the development of key platform features, such as enhanced registration and onboarding processes and SEO-optimized teacher profiles, to improve user engagement and acquisition.
    • Provided hands-on full-stack development and leadership, directly contributing to code reviews, feature development, and mentoring junior engineers and tech leads to promote career advancement and skill enhancement.
  • Edmodo Inc

    Edmodo Inc

    Snr Software Engineer/Tech Lead

    Jul 2015 - Apr 2017

    Learning Better Together. Edmodo was a global education network that empowers educators to engage lifelong learners.

    • Collaborated closely with Product Managers to elicit requirements and refine system architecture, enhancing existing solutions and ensuring alignment with user needs and goals.
    • Served as a key member of the Platform team, handling full-stack development, continuous bug fixes, and backend support for mobile applications, significantly contributing to the maintenance and improvement of user feed functionality and system stability.
    • Led a diverse group of highly skilled Engineers to build features focused on driving growth at the world leading educational platform provider. 
    • Built and managed a team that focused on students and then growth. 
    • Worked on registration and onboarding features, teacher profiles for SEO and to engage students
    • * Provided technical as well as managerial leadership, and mentored the junior engineer 
  • Accuray


    Robotics Engineer

    Jun 2005 - Feb 2014

    We work passionately to create innovative radiotherapy cancer treatments.

    • Robot workspace analysis, path planning and optimization, including design and implementation of software tools. Collision avoidance. C++ APIs for the robotics domain. Object Oriented Analysis and Design, Design Patterns. 
    • Design and implementation of RoboSim, a graphical simulation program for the CyberKnife System using C++ and OpenGL.
    • Software development for the CyberKnife manipulator systems. 
    • Robot path planning and optimization (software tools design and implementation)
    • Robot workspace analysis, monitoring and collision detection 
    • Integration of the robot system with CyberKnife 
    • Development of robotic applications in support of production and customers .

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