• Stacey Swinehart Ganderson profile image
    Stacey Swinehart Ganderson
    1. Leadership
    2. Design Systems
    3. Accessibility
    4. Content shaping
    5. Data synthesis
    Fractional design leader and manager / Accessibility transformation leader / Author
  • Jessie D'Amato Ford profile image
    Jessie D'Amato Ford
    1. Marketing
    2. Content Marketing
    3. Content design
    4. Event Planning
    5. Corporate Events
    Community, Marketing, and Content leader thriving on strategy, data, and passion.
  • Danielle Smith profile image
    Danielle Smith
    1. Process Improvement
    2. Onboarding
    3. Developing team culture
    4. Full-life Cycle Recruiting
    5. VP People
    Fractional Talent & People Leader. Have led growth teams 10x company HC and laid out all Talent and People Ops foundation