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  • Amy Dalebout profile image
    Amy Dalebout
    1. Corporate Social Responsibility
    2. Executive Coaching
    3. International Development
    4. Public Relations
    5. Nonprofits
    People & Culture
  • Menaka Chang profile image
    Menaka Chang
    1. Advisor
    2. Head of People
    3. Fractional Head of People
    4. Fractional Executive Leadership Coach
    5. Fractional People Operations Leader
    Dynamic Fractional People Leader: Your Ally in Cultivating Resilient Teams and Meeting Business Objectives in Any Scenario
  • Kim Minnick profile image
    Kim Minnick
    1. People Operations
    2. Performance Management
    3. Employee experience
    4. Remote Work
    5. Compensation & Benefits
    People Ops Leader | Fractional | A little crunchy