Adrienne Uthe

Empowering & Safeguarding Change-Makers + HNWIs + Execs: A Bold and Dynamic Press Officer, Publicist, and Fractional CMO Driving Message Amplification, Business Expansion, and Deal Execution

Adrienne Uthe is a highly accomplished and academically driven Strategic Consultant with professional experience in Communication, Media, Marketing, and Business Development. With a strong focus on partnering with finance firms, emerging growth companies, and the dynamic tech industry, she serves as a catalyst for transformative success. As the Founder of Kronus Communications, Adrienne spearheads the development of sophisticated marketing and communication strategies that yield outstanding resu…

Adrienne Uthe



  • Kronus Communications

    Kronus Communications


    Apr 2020 - Present

    We’re not your typical B2B communications firm. We’re trailblazers that thrive on pushing the boundaries. Our bold and strategically disruptive solutions redefine the game. Our holistic, results-driven approach draws on our team’s unparalleled expertise across PR and communications, branding, business development, and executive security. We help B2B companies like yours craft captivating brand narratives, navigate the dynamic business landscape, and safeguard their operations to unleash their true potential. Consider us your partner in arms, fighting for your success. We tailor our innovative technologies and practices to your unique needs, ensuring the results we deliver align perfectly with your goals. We’re not just about growth; we’re about acceleration – propelling you forward faster and harder than ever before. Let us be the catalysts of change and unlock your untapped growth

    • We successfully booked meetings with multiple government officials, providing valuable opportunities for policy discussions
    • We secured 10+ thought leadership articles positioned the client as an industry expert, establishing credibility among the target audience
    • Our media outreach resulted in mentions in 84 articles across top-tier outlets like Bloomberg, The Hill and appearances on Fox broadcasts
    • Company mentions rose by 90%
    • Streamlined lead management and customer relationship management through the construction of the CRM system
    • Developed an effective funnel to drive business development and enhance the customer journey.
    • Facilitated strategic meetings with international partners and targets to foster deal flow
    • Company mentions rose by 1091.14%, while executive mentions increased by 98%
    • Developed a comprehensive funnel for targeted campaigns and improved customer acquisition
    • Executed a high-impact announcement with a large auto manufacturer
  • Conquest Cyber

    Conquest Cyber

    Senior Strategy Consultant

    Aug 2020 - Jan 2021

    Our enemies are not simply amateur hackers, but highly motivated, well-funded nation-states and criminal organizations. These forces covet your valuable data, want to sow chaos wherever they can, and are chartered to build a competitive advantage for our adversaries. By targeting our nation’s defense and critical infrastructure sectors, cyber attacks threaten to disrupt the way we live. This is where we sit – at the forefront of this quiet and distributed conflict to ensure cyber resiliency for the sectors critical to our way of life.

    • Built 6MM pipeline

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