Aleksandr Sidorov

Tech lead

During the last 18 years I experienced multiple sides of software development, as a founder, a manager and an engineer. 

I managed a team of over 10 employees who were responsible for building global startups in North America and Europe across a wide-range of industries.

We built both - B2B and B2C solutions in forms of web and mobile apps.

Technologies we used: Symfony, Nodejs (Express, Nest), Spring (Java/Kotlin), React, React Native and Flutter.

I'm currently working on CoverRight as Head of Engineering. I'm open for fractional CTO or Tech Lead roles.

Aleksandr Sidorov


  • CoverRight

    Technical Leadership:

    ● Implemented the DORA framework to gauge team performance and effectively communicate OKRs to the CEO.

    ● Provided mentorship on Clean Code practices to enhance the readability of the codebase.

    ● Applied Test Driven Development practices for critical functionality to reduce logical errors and platform stability.

    ● Advocated for the utilization of CI pipelines over GCP Cloud Build to boost team velocity.

    ● Implemented Event Driven Architecture to promote loose coupling and enhance the scalability of microservices.

    ● Prepared a hiring procedure, and career paths to maintain the company growth.

    Technical Delivery:

    ● Gathered and implemented annual customer expense estimation for coverable prescription drugs. Drug data consolidation from 3rd party APIs and data sets.

    ● Created essential domain-specific GraphQL endpoints for diverse subject domains, pivotal to the product's success.

    ● Enhanced React app performance for the Medicare Advantage marketplace, achieving a 120% boost and reducing customer bounce rate.

    Technical Ownership:

    ● Led agent’s interface development shaping the company sale process.

    ● Formed a platform architecture and infrastructure landscape, prepare documentation to meet external technical due diligence (seed stage).

    ● Integrated ETLs for 13 data sources to build company data around Insurance Plans and Prescription Drugs, with over 100 Gbs of total data amount. The data ownership allowed us to build unique product features.

    ● Implemented a number of strategic partnership integrations, which allowed customers to form a better product offering.

    ● Implemented cybersec architecture to prepare SOC 2 compliance, the call from insurance carriers.

    ● Architect and implemented behavior and operational analytics, which unlocks data-driven decision-making in the company.


  • CoverRight


    Tech Lead

    Sep 2020 - Present

    • Implemented the DORA framework to gauge team performance and effectively communicate OKRs to the CEO.
    • Championed the Domain Driven Design architecture in U.S. healthcare insurance subject
    • Controlled the Code Complexity and test coverage to unveil a team scalability
    • Designed and implemented Spring backends in alignment with SOC2 requirements.
    • Led microservices development utilizing REST, gRPC, Event Bus, and GraphQL technologies.
  • TopTal


    Independent Contractor

    Jan 2017 - Nov 2019

    Implemented a number of projects as a software developer through the TopTal network.

    • Established a reusable component framework and developed a frontend application for business use.
    • Led a 3 persons frontend team for a niche bookkeeping application

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