Dovydas Navickas

Fractional CTO Bridging Innovation and Strategy

As a passionate and innovative technology leader, I have spent over 16 years driving technological advancements and fostering growth in the IT sector. Committed deeply to excellence and adopting a forward-thinking approach, I excel in architecting robust solutions and leading teams toward groundbreaking successes. I continue pursuing knowledge to mentor and inspire the next generation of tech professionals. I strive to blend technical expertise with strategic thinking in every project, ensuring we meet and exceed expectations.

Dovydas Navickas



  • Hospitality Digital

    Hospitality Digital

    Lead Frontend Architect

    Jan 2022 - Jan 2023

    DISH Digital Solutions GmbH, formerly Hospitality Digital, was established in 2015 as a wholly owned subsidiary of METRO AG to develop digital solutions that contribute to the success of HoReCa (hotels, restaurants, and caterers). The easy-to-use solutions are designed for the demanding day-to-day of gastronomy business owners to save time and money. Under the DISH brand, DISH Digital Solutions provides competitive solutions for some of the most pressing challenges of the industry: online food ordering without any additional commission fee, ability to take reservations 24/7, menu profitability calculation, online presence management, a POS solution and more.

    • Crafted React component libraries for 6 DISH products across 16 countries.
    • Unified design and development for DISH brand, enhancing brand consistency.
    • Significantly reduced development time by streamlining component usage.
    • Pioneered unified visual design for B2B systems at Hospitality Digital.
  • INVL Asset Management

    INVL Asset Management

    Lead Software Architect

    Feb 2018 - Dec 2021

    INVL Asset Management, the leading Baltic alternative asset manager, is dedicated to delivering superior risk-adjusted returns to investors and fostering positive economic development in the region. Part of the Invalda INVL group with over 30 years of history, INVL manages more than EUR 1 billion in assets across private equity, forests and agricultural land, renewable energy, real estate, and private debt. The scope of activities extends to family office services in Lithuania, pension fund management in Latvia, and investments in global third-party funds, reflecting a diverse and strategic approach to asset management.

    • Led strategic integration of Kubernetes and private cloud, boosting infrastructure and deployment capabilities.
    • Designed a robust identity and authentication server, bolstering security and simplifying access.
    • Led the transition of the self-service portal to TypeScript, React, and .NET, enhancing performance and UX.
    • Created an efficient back-office administration system, boosting productivity and functionality.
    • Introduced automated pipelines into all organization's software projects.
  • Syntropy


    Dev Lead

    Feb 2018 - Oct 2018

    Syntropy is building an on-chain streaming oracle, providing decentralized and scalable way to access, retrieve and interact with real-time and historical on-chain data.

    • Developed WebRTC-based distributed Node.js network software, advancing decentralized network technology.
    • Built a cross-platform native client application for MacOS, Windows, and Linux using Node.js.
    • Successfully managed the onboarding of early adopters into the decentralized network.
    • Showcased expertise in a wide range of technologies including Node.js, .NET, Docker, and Blockchain.
  • Metasite


    Software Architect

    Dec 2015 - Nov 2019

    Metasite, a leader in the financial sector, boasts a team of skilled software architects and engineers who specialize in designing, building, integrating, and supporting customized financial platforms and innovative digital solutions. Serving a wide array of clients in the UK, Switzerland, the US, and across the EU, Metasite's clientele includes banks, hedge funds, insurers, commodities traders, financial information providers, and a top 3 global stock exchange, as well as collaborations with numerous successful fintech and regtech startups. Metasite's unique advantage stems from a profound understanding of financial instruments and products and unmatched software engineering expertise. Adhering to the highest quality standards, Metasite is ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified. Emphasizing its commitment to excellence and security, the company's professional and product liability is insured by Lloyd's of London.

    • Architected large-scale projects using .NET C# and microservices architecture.
    • Managed MSSQL databases for high-demand applications.
    • Led server deployment and maintenance in private datacenters.
    • Implemented Kubernetes with CI/CD pipelines for automated workflows.
    • Developed a TypeScript and React single-page application.
  • Copictures



    Apr 2014 - Oct 2017

    Copictures is a leading software-as-a-service provider specializing in photo management solutions for large-scale events and enterprises. Our platform handles extensive photo storage, organization, and sharing, catering to businesses and event organizers with extensive image collections. We designed our user-friendly interface for easy photo uploading, categorizing, and access, streamlining workflows for photographers and clients. Our system supports high-volume image processing, efficiently managing large photo libraries. Offering tools for real-time sharing, collaboration, and integration with existing systems, we focus on delivering a seamless experience. Prioritizing security and privacy, Copictures ensures safe storage and management of photo collections. Ideal for corporate events, marketing campaigns, or enterprise archives, Copictures provides a reliable, scalable solution for all photographic management needs.

    • Led the development of C# .NET microservices for scalable photo management solutions.
    • Implemented efficient background workers for high-volume image processing.
    • Developed a user-friendly ReactJS frontend, enhancing client and photographer interaction.
    • Integrated platform with existing systems for improved real-time sharing and collaboration.
    • Developed custom OAuth 2.0 identity-server for enhanced security.

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