Alex Montas

Fractional CMO with over $200M in incremental revenue

I am a fractional CMO who enjoys SaaS, AI and Subscription businesses of all kinds!

I am deeply experienced with all facets of growth. I have grown small startups from less than $1M to $15M ARR by using email, paid media and web optimization. On the other hand I have managed large budgets for big corporations like Bloomberg where I grew a business to $100M in 3 years.

Recent wins includes setting up the B2B division for an AI company where the marketing budget had a 4X ROI. Setting up all the paid…

Alex Montas



  • BENlabs


    Head of Marketing and Growth

    Nov 2020 - Present

    BENlabs is an AI company owned by Bill Gates. We have three divisions that are supercharged by AI: Youtube Growth, Influencer Marketing and Influencer Space. Each division has grown at least 50% after we installed marketing and growth services and our SaaS division has 3X.

    • 1. Set up all growth marketing channels (paid, e-mail, web optimization)
    • 2. Partnered with product team to create all product growth activities
    • 3. Hired and trained a 30 person plus marketing team
  • The Remarkable Agency

    The Remarkable Agency

    Fractional CMO | Fractional Head of Growth

    Jan 2015 - Present

    I have advised companies on growth since 2015. On average we increase acquisition by 50% while reducing cost of marketing.

    • 1. Growing 3 fintech companies and setting up their marketing channels.
    • 2. Working with two e-commerce companies to launch new products
    • 3. Working with a national mall that needed help selling their products online after Covid
  • Bloomberg Media

    Bloomberg Media

    Head of Performance Marketing

    Sep 2018 - Nov 2020

    Bloomberg launched their first direct to consumer finance news publication in 2018. I was the head of growth.

    • Reduced cost of acquisition by 300%
    • Responsible for 50% of all revenue up to $100M

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