Ben Wood

Product designer specializing in helping startups with UX & UI.

Hey 👋, I'm Ben. I'm a product design expert with 12+ years experience, passionate about simple, practical UX-thinking, stunning UI design and properly thought-out content that together, make the difference for a tech startup.

I've worked at multiple startups myself, where I helped one to successful exit, and was employee #1 at another. Most recently, I co-founded the Built For Mars Design Studio. I relish creating better experiences that actually solve real-world problems for people. Apps and pro…

Ben Wood



  • Built For Mars Agency

    Built For Mars Agency


    Apr 2022 - Present

    The Built For Mars Agency specializes in creating impactful experiences for top-tier products. Collaborating with iconic brands such as Google, Experian, Klarna, Entain, Notion and MoonPay to deliver world-class UX analysis and design.

    • Provide services including information architecture, UX audits, wireframes & flow design, content design, and UI & Design Systems.
    • Work with both large enterprises and early-stage startups.
    • Help companies create products that resonate with users and drive customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Lucidity


    Founding Designer / Head of Design

    Apr 2019 - Apr 2022

    Lucidity supports a joined up approach to strategy, planning and execution. From using the Tool Library for analysis through to planning, tracking progress and communicating that to the team, Lucidity is the complete strategy platform.

    • Led design efforts for Lucidity, a market-leading strategic planning and management software.
    • Established the design function as the first employee, and led a small team that pioneered the integration of design principles throughout the platform's development journey.
    • Created a modern, intuitive user interface from the ground up, that enables strategic planning and management for beginners and pros alike.
    • Focused on task management, dashboards, and data visualization to optimize user experience.
  • Movem


    Head of Design (IC)

    Jan 2018 - Apr 2019

    Developed and implemented the first fully automated tenant reference system at Movem.

    • Utilized data-driven approach and Open Banking integration to provide comprehensive insights and analysis on applicants' financial history.
    • Pioneered cutting-edge technology within the industry, establishing Movem as a leader in the field.
    • Contributed to the successful acquisition of Movem by Barbon Insurance Group in September 2018.
  • Wyld Technologies

    Wyld Technologies

    Product Designer

    Sep 2017 - Jan 2018

    Early team member, instrumental in establishing the design function.

    • Successfully evolved the Wyld brand and created associated marketing materials.
    • Produced innovative product mock-ups for both desktop and iOS platforms.
  • Madgex (Wiley)

    Madgex (Wiley)

    Product Designer

    Jan 2015 - Sep 2018

    Career Center solutions. Whether you need a full-service partner to deliver an engaging career center or a technology upgrade to your current job board, Madgex will help you reach your membership and revenue goals.

    • Developed market-leading careers technology solutions for top media companies, recruitment businesses, and associations.
    • Collaborated with renowned clients such as The Guardian, Gumtree, Washington Post, Reach, British Medical Journal, ACCA, and more, to create their Job Boards and Course Boards.
    • Played a key role in enhancing user experience and driving growth through innovative product development.

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