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  • Thomas Fry profile image
    Thomas Fry
    1. UX/UI
    2. Strategy
    3. Web Applications
    4. Mobile Applications
    5. Responsive Design
    Start-up UX/UI designer with 9 years experience bringing start-ups to market
  • Stacey Swinehart Ganderson profile image
    Stacey Swinehart Ganderson
    1. User Experience
    2. UX research
    3. Strategic Vision & Leadership
    4. Project Management
    5. Product Strategy
    Fractional design leader and manager / Accessibility transformation leader / Author
  • Islam Abudaoud profile image
    Islam Abudaoud
    1. Design thinking
    2. User Experience Design
    3. Product design
    4. Agile Methodologies
    5. Cross-functional Collaborations
    Crafting excellence: Driving business growth through design